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About Barbara
Contact me at bsswrites@yahoo.com – I’ve received many personal notes from readers, some very personal and moving. I won’t publish them, but I do have them saved in my treasure box (I’m a dork and I have one for each book!) I love to hear from you!  I’m gonna figure out how to do an email link and an email list subscription – just be patient with me and all this widget techno geek stuff! 🙂
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Signed Copies

At your request…. I’m set up for PayPal

If you are requesting signed copies please email me at bsswrites@yahoo.com

Send your address. Please let me know what book/books, WHO and HOW TO SPELL the names I am signing for.
Shipping for one book is $4
Shipping for two books is $6
Shipping for three books is $8
(Includes insurance and delivery confirmation)
Shipping for more than three books will be determined.
I will send copies out of the US, I just have to go to the post office and get a price to confirm with you. I will go over all that via reply to your email before I submit the invoice.