I’m an AUTHOR?????

Good morning friends, (and if you are taking the time to read this you are a friend!)

It’s funny, since I posted the pictures with my AWESOME news people keep saying things like ‘you are an author’, ‘when did you start?’, ‘how come you didn’t tell me?’….. Here’s the thing…. I didn’t know I was an author!

I don’t sleep… haven’t for years…. and sometimes in the middle of the night I have these stories, ideas, whatevah they are, and one night I just started typing! (while I bounced my crazy legs!) SWEET SURRENDER isn’t my first ‘book’. It’s the first one that had an opportunity (* more on that another time!), and now I am praying THAT opportunity gives me an opportunity to continue.

And I didn’t tell anyone because I wasn’t sure I was any good at it. Gene said I was, but he doesn’t count – he loves me unconditionally   : )   So I wasn’t confident enough to do anything with the words from my heart, afraid that they weren’t good….

But I believe in fate…. and two recent conversations led me to take a leap of faith. My friend Wanda and I ride to work together every Friday and we were talking (we’re very good at that! ha!). I don’t know what made me tell her about the story that I had at that point, but I did. And her words kept telling me to finish it. I let her read it and she liked it – she keeps telling me she’s waiting for the movie! ha! So I got a little closer to completion. And then a coffee date with my dear friend JMac went from my crazy “words of the day” that I post on FaceBook to a deeper conversation. A voice said to me ‘TELL HER’ so I did…. and that conversation lead me to the my Johannes family who believed in me and encouraged me to finish it. Jennifer told me that I couldn’t put it away – I had to do something with it. So the characters and story that started in my head many years ago are in the completion stage but then…..

NaNoWriMo (* more on that another time!) side tracked me and SWEET SURRENDER pushed the other story aside – but just till the process to publish is complete! I am ROCK AND ROLLING again! (And you’ll just have to wonder what that means – it’s a hint of things to come!)

I love SWEET SURRENDER and I can hardly wait until I can share it with you! We have a few tweaks to do and then we’ll know more and I will SHOUT all over the place when we are ready.

This is an amazing journey – I’M AN AUTHOR!!

Love, Barbara


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  1. Laura Wallace says:

    I am so proud and excited for you!! Love you

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