I’m editing and needed a break…

As I’ve been ROCK AND ROLLING I forgot how much stuff I didn’t remember from English class! (now THAT is profound! ha!!)

I love when I get through two pages and Lynne has no red marks on them! ha ha!  (THREE MAKES ME DO A HAPPY DANCE ,visualize Snoopy!)  I knew each time I gave her a batch to read that there would be less red then the previous batch because she ‘remembered me’ so much!

: )

She didn’t just mark it up and give it back. She took the time to explain to me, so I tried to fix stuff before I gave her more. Lynne and I have spent many hours together and a GREATER bond was formed than the kinship we already shared. Did I say I was blessed by my Johannes family?!

Yo, all of you peeps who took typing class….. HOW MANY SPACES after a period to begin the next sentence…  is your thumb TRAINED to tap-tap at the end of a sentence?!  NOT WHEN YOU WRITE A BOOK!!!  Do you know how hard it is to A) break that habit and B) go back after-the-fact and find all of those and delete the second one?!  Habit creatures die hard!!! ha!

Too early to tackle the tree stuff, my sweet Gene took all the ornaments off yesterday and I waz’gonna lovingly wrap and put each one away like they were when I pulled them out, but….. NAH! He put them in a box and I just closed the top of the box and said ‘this will be FINE!’ ha!!!

I hear Geno moving around in the other room, so I’m just gonna post this now, or I’ll never get back to what I WAZ’GONNA do today!

Make it a beautiful day – Live YOUR dream!


Love, Barbara

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