How, plus who, what, when, where and why… : )

Last night I came home and did the drop and flop: flopped on the couch, hiney parked with the laptop. I tried to read through some of the stuff I need to but I was seriously brain-dead…. yesterday was one of those days that just sucked the functioning brain matter away… so anything that required THOUGHT wasn’t happening. I sat the laptop aside ten times and finally gave up and decided to reread some of the replies to my posts…

THANK YOU, once more, for your support and encouragement. I am seriously so excited to get to the next step, PATIENCE is not one of my better characteristics! ha ha! I’m excited to share it with you. I’m excited for you to read it (but not till it’s really ready)!

Gene has been so awesome about this experience, I can tell you that a romantic (PG13*) love-story would NEVER have been on his radar, but he has read and reread and listened as I chucked thoughts and ideas his way, and don’t tell him I told you (HA!) but I saw tears and heard laughs as he did. (I have been sitting here reading or writing and something will make me bust out laughing or start crying myself at times). He asks occasionally where the ideas come from.


My fingers just start (sometimes keeping rhythm with my bouncing legs) and then I’ll go back and expand, and I have learned so much in the process. TWENTY THINGS is my favorite tool . Sometimes he’ll read something and tell me that he remembered it from a place we’d been or something we’d done and sometimes he’d read and say ‘that’s your mom’ or ‘that came from Mamaw’.

I told you that these stories are pieces of my heart, and you may even read “you” (but will you REALLY know?! ha ha ha!) in something, although the names were changed to protect the innocent… HA!

*It started more like PG10, but someone picked up some of my pages and kept flipping and said it needed “more sex”, (have I said I love my Johannes family!) so there will be some, but… I wouldn’t be embarrassed for my nieces to read it – nothing worse that the 8:00 TV time slot. 🙂

Well… I have to git’along lil’doggies!

Have a beautiful day – and if something pops in your head today – WRITE IT DOWN – you never know where it might take you!

Love, Barbara

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I'm Barbara and I read. I'm Barbara and I write! :) I'm still learning and I believe each word I read, and each that I write show that I am learning my craft.

5 thoughts on “H+WX5

  1. michele hurst says:

    I think it is AMAZINGLY wonderful that you are doing this. I love reading what you have already written and love keeping up with your blog…I can’t wait to read the finished product…If I bring you DD coffee can I get you to sign my copy?

  2. tammygirl says:

    I am so happy that you are doing your dream. Miss Ya sissy dont forget me when you get to be a huge rich famous writer LOL <3 u
    lots call me

  3. barbarastewart says:

    : ) I’ll be happy to sign your copy Michele! Maybe “OUR” DD at OakLeaf will let me set up a signing there! ROFLMAO!!

    Soon Tammygirl- promise… just crazy busy right now…

    Be well – I’m gonna participate in the blackout tomorrow, “see” you Thursday sometime!

  4. SandyInLaw says:

    I am getting VERY excited to read this book!!! I really think you should write our love story…but I will fill in the hot steamy parts…cause that would just be weird…LOL. Okay, maybe when the kids are grown I will attempt to write it…using the guidance of my talented, experienced sister in law author…

  5. Jodi says:

    Just went over your blog and I am so excited for you. I can’t wait to see what develops for you and always remember your Melbourne family supports all you do. I know God has special plans for you and can see that he has already given you many blessings. I will keep checking back and good luck with everything.

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