“no writing errors were found”

That was the message I got on the final review…. Oh, today is a GOOOOOOD day!
File with changes/corrections has been resubmitted for approval and now we wait… Should have an answer to proceed to the next step in a day or two!

After a week full of Mondays I am so relieved to get this done and move forward!

I can tell you – honestly – that the pressure I put on myself to get it done TODAY has my body stiff, and a headache from being so tense!  Meeting a publisher’s deadline is hard! ha! But I was so excited last night to be so close that I couldn’t sleep!  I want this one GOOD TO GO so I can start really ROCK AND ROLLIN’! (you’ll just have to wonder! ha ha!)

Delaney’s story has been a great experience! This one has been three month journey – from start to now. I don’t want to say too much about that because that story is part of the book! But, I’ve learned so much..  and I am excited and ready to move on. The approval should take 2-3 days and then I re-order the proof copy to make sure. As many times as I have gone through it, the book should be as close to perfect as I am! ha! (that means there will probably be a flaw or two!)

We were reading info on what comes next, and it looks like after we get the proof copy the book could be available on amazon.com in about five days or so. Kindle is still being explored because it looks like there will be a fee involved – may have to sell some books before that happens (hint hint!).

I will be ordering copies (and I will post here when we get to that point) so if you want one through me with a love note (ha!!) I’ll post info here before I do..

Well, I am ready to get something else done today, so I’ll buzz along.

Thank you for believing in me and taking this journey with me!

Love, Barbara

P.S. Thank you Bev for my beautiful banner!

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I'm Barbara and I read. I'm Barbara and I write! :) I'm still learning and I believe each word I read, and each that I write show that I am learning my craft.

3 thoughts on ““no writing errors were found”

  1. Larry and Christine Bevins says:

    Can not wait to read the book, so very proud of you and love you so very much, christine too!

  2. barbarastewart says:

    Thank you – I can’t wait myself! Bruises from ME pinching ME! 🙂

  3. barbarastewart says:

    must remember… a watch pot never boils… doesn’t keep me from checking email, knowing the answer won’t be there yet – EXCITED… can’t help it!

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