Good morning!
I wanted to clarify yesterday’s post. I wasn’t working on SWEET SURRENDER. That book is in a holding pattern, but because that one is to the point I’m at with it, I can go back and continue on the edits and things I need to ROCK AND ROLL with on the first work.

I’m very excited to be back in the middle of my original work. I told you I LOVE that one! It’s been in my heart for a very long time and it’s nice to be back visiting. (that’s all you get for now!)

Hopefully the final things that need to be done on ‘SWEET’ can be accomplished by next week. Then I resubmit for another proof copy and then…………………..
From here forward with that is UNEXPLORED TERRITORY!!!

Well, I have reading to do and then must focus on that J O B!
Have a beautiful day, friends!
Love Barbara


“No one gets a draft back without at least one re-write.”

Today those words have me stuck!

One page… lots of marks… and I’m sitting here looking at the page, and then the keyboard, and then the page, and then the keyboard, and then the…


It’s NOT writer’s ‘block’… I know what I want to say. I see it typed out on the page that I keep staring at! I don’t know WTH to do with this page to ‘fix it’!

‘Twenty things’ isn’t working because I don’t want to change what I’m saying… I need to change HOW I said it…


I’ll let you know if I get beyond page 313 today..

Thanks for sharing the journey with me. Love, Barbara


I’m editing and needed a break…

As I’ve been ROCK AND ROLLING I forgot how much stuff I didn’t remember from English class! (now THAT is profound! ha!!)

I love when I get through two pages and Lynne has no red marks on them! ha ha!  (THREE MAKES ME DO A HAPPY DANCE ,visualize Snoopy!)  I knew each time I gave her a batch to read that there would be less red then the previous batch because she ‘remembered me’ so much!

: )

She didn’t just mark it up and give it back. She took the time to explain to me, so I tried to fix stuff before I gave her more. Lynne and I have spent many hours together and a GREATER bond was formed than the kinship we already shared. Did I say I was blessed by my Johannes family?!

Yo, all of you peeps who took typing class….. HOW MANY SPACES after a period to begin the next sentence…  is your thumb TRAINED to tap-tap at the end of a sentence?!  NOT WHEN YOU WRITE A BOOK!!!  Do you know how hard it is to A) break that habit and B) go back after-the-fact and find all of those and delete the second one?!  Habit creatures die hard!!! ha!

Too early to tackle the tree stuff, my sweet Gene took all the ornaments off yesterday and I waz’gonna lovingly wrap and put each one away like they were when I pulled them out, but….. NAH! He put them in a box and I just closed the top of the box and said ‘this will be FINE!’ ha!!!

I hear Geno moving around in the other room, so I’m just gonna post this now, or I’ll never get back to what I WAZ’GONNA do today!

Make it a beautiful day – Live YOUR dream!


Love, Barbara

I promise….

I promise you will know as soon as I know what’s next with the book! Some of you will be able to HEAR me HOLLER!

: )

I soooooo appreciate all the comments! I will tell you that I am ROCK AND ROLLING  (keep wondering!) on the first story I wrote getting it ready to go after we are done with what we need to do on SWEET SURRENDER. (there will be a tease included at the back of this book!). I get up early every morning and work on the changes that I need to make. That’s my time – Gene is still sleeping, Kooky lays on the floor beside me and I type.  Someone I know who also writes, said that she has to ‘go away’ when she writes. I do too!

I escape to my own little HAPPY PLACE in my head! Gene can have football on and I’ll either be on the sofa with the laptop in my lap or sitting at the dining room table, but I’m either typing something that popped in my head or working on the edits.

SWEET SURRENDER is a special endeavor, but the first story I wrote is my heart…The characters in my story have been with me since 2003. I KNOW THEM NOW, and I LOVE THEM (I hope someday you will too!!!)  Every once in a while the male character wakes me in the middle of the night (Gene knows! ha ha ha!)  and ‘he’ ENCOURAGES me to finish!  Now I tell him… ‘SOON!’

So to answer one of the questions….. HOPEFULLY there will be more to come!

I don’t know if I’ll be back before next week, maybe, but I HAVE TO GET THE CHRISTMAS TREE DOWN!! I like looking at it, but Kooky is about to tear it down, leaving my Santas out a little longer. And I have ‘table time’ to work on edits set aside. If something profound pops in my head I’ll share…

Until then… I leave you with my favorite song… ENCOURAGING WORDS FOR ME, and to you, FROM ME!


Oh… just get used to it – I love this man and Gene’s OK with it! ha ha ha!

Love, Barbara





It’s a new dawn…..

…It’s a new day, and I’m feelin’ gooooood!
Thank you to those of you who have acknowledged the blog, some here, some via FaceBook messages and some personal notes. I LOVE that you are reading, and that you like what I’m sharing.
: )

So… I wanted to tell you a little more of my journey. I said the other day that this wasn’t my first story, it was the first of my endeavors that had an opportunity. One of the WINNER prizes from NaNoWriMo was 5 free copies of my ‘NaNo’ book once it’s ready, then I can  choose distribution methods. That was a draw that made me want to work a little harder, and I gotta tell ya…. so far all I have so far is the proof copy… but…

Holding that BOOK in my hands… seeing MY NAME on the cover, I still can’t get over that exhilaration! If something happened that no more copies were ever made – but that’s NOT GONNA HAPPEN!!!! – I WROTE A BOOK!

I was so excited when Gene called to tell me to look at my email, that he’d sent me something! When I saw the picture of the book, knowing that it arrived, that it was REAL.., I was squealing! I called my boss and told her to come see what I had – ‘is it a baby, a puppy, what?’
Well…. NO! But wait… IT IS MY BABY!!!
And like a proud Mama I can’t wait to show off my baby!

One of the comments made about all of this was a bit bittersweet… My mom and dad WOULD be proud. My Mama loved to read – she would read anything and I know she would have loved to be part of this. And Dad, he’d just be bragging to anyone who would listen. I will tell you that if you knew them, as you read what I write you will “see them” in my words…  And there may be some of YOU – just ask my friend JMac! ha!!!  There’s a lot of me. My friend Lynne who is helping me leaves me notes in the margins “Babs, THIS IS SO YOU!”
I think I love that!

Thank you for sharing this journey with me…
Love, Barbara

It’s a day closer…

As I get up and moving today, we are a day closer to whatevah comes next! Profound, I know! But see, I’m at a place where each step is a BIG’UN!
Waiting on one more read through (you know who you are!) and then the corrections and then…..

I mentioned yesterday about the ‘distraction’ that started all of this  – NaNoWriMo… November is National Novel Writing Month and they have a challenge each year – 50,000 words in 30 days – FROM SCRATCH – no cheating… Write a story! It’s this… just start typing and see where it goes. SWEET SURRENDER was ‘born’ from that challenge! I’ll just tell you that I hit SUBMIT with 52,934 words on Thanksgiving Day and… I’m a WINNER! November 1 to as soon as I know it’s ready… A BOOK!  IMAGINE what will come from the one I’ve been working on since 2003! ha! You’ll have to read the ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS when the book is released for ‘THE REST OF THE STORY’!

OK, since I’m not rich* and famous yet I guess I need to start thinking about…

The  J – O – B!

Be well friends.

Love, Barbara

P.S. – my friend Wanda gave me a pendant for Christmas that says “MUST BE CREATIVE OR THROW A HISSY FIT…  just sayin;…

* I’ve been told not to go into this thinking I’m the ‘next J.K. Rowling’…  But I bet SHE didn’t think she was either! ha!


I’m an AUTHOR?????

Good morning friends, (and if you are taking the time to read this you are a friend!)

It’s funny, since I posted the pictures with my AWESOME news people keep saying things like ‘you are an author’, ‘when did you start?’, ‘how come you didn’t tell me?’….. Here’s the thing…. I didn’t know I was an author!

I don’t sleep… haven’t for years…. and sometimes in the middle of the night I have these stories, ideas, whatevah they are, and one night I just started typing! (while I bounced my crazy legs!) SWEET SURRENDER isn’t my first ‘book’. It’s the first one that had an opportunity (* more on that another time!), and now I am praying THAT opportunity gives me an opportunity to continue.

And I didn’t tell anyone because I wasn’t sure I was any good at it. Gene said I was, but he doesn’t count – he loves me unconditionally   : )   So I wasn’t confident enough to do anything with the words from my heart, afraid that they weren’t good….

But I believe in fate…. and two recent conversations led me to take a leap of faith. My friend Wanda and I ride to work together every Friday and we were talking (we’re very good at that! ha!). I don’t know what made me tell her about the story that I had at that point, but I did. And her words kept telling me to finish it. I let her read it and she liked it – she keeps telling me she’s waiting for the movie! ha! So I got a little closer to completion. And then a coffee date with my dear friend JMac went from my crazy “words of the day” that I post on FaceBook to a deeper conversation. A voice said to me ‘TELL HER’ so I did…. and that conversation lead me to the my Johannes family who believed in me and encouraged me to finish it. Jennifer told me that I couldn’t put it away – I had to do something with it. So the characters and story that started in my head many years ago are in the completion stage but then…..

NaNoWriMo (* more on that another time!) side tracked me and SWEET SURRENDER pushed the other story aside – but just till the process to publish is complete! I am ROCK AND ROLLING again! (And you’ll just have to wonder what that means – it’s a hint of things to come!)

I love SWEET SURRENDER and I can hardly wait until I can share it with you! We have a few tweaks to do and then we’ll know more and I will SHOUT all over the place when we are ready.

This is an amazing journey – I’M AN AUTHOR!!

Love, Barbara