repost: 24 hours for OakLeaf Relay For Life

I’m celebrating Leap Day!

Starting at 7:30PM EST(Tues 2/29) I’m going to LEAP to help my OakLeaf Relay For Life!

For every book sold on Amazon I will give $1.00 to RFL until 9:00PM tomorrow 3/1.

If you can come out to the event I will donate $2.00 and have a hot-pink marker if you want a love note!

COME ON! Support the OakLeaf Relay For Life!

If you want one mailed from me you will have to wait for another order.

Support this wonderful cause!

Love, Barbara

Moanday – Monday

Welp… a nice weekend shared with family and friends. Some time with my honey… some formatting, some editing, some writing, and now it’s time for the other world…

I’ve wanted to put this picture on here for a while, and just figured out HOW! (I like to write, that doesn’t mean I know WTH I’m doing as far as the techno stuff!) I’m adding this here now, because it makes me smile!.

Hemingway, one of his cats – and a bottle of vino!

"Write drunk, edit sober"

I did some tweaking to the site – let me know what you think! If/when you have a chance, check out the pictures I’ve added. I’m still have more and am waiting for some more…. but it’s a work in progress…

Still waiting on ‘next step’ from Kindle, and I have one personal goal for Sweet Surrender (that I have no control over). I’ll let you know if it happens!

Update ~ As we are working on the formatting of Rock and Roll, I’ve reached out for help with the artwork for my cover. I don’t want one of the ‘canned’, ‘you pick’ covers for this one – it’s too special. I’ll keep you posted.

Make sure you see the WHAT’S GOING ON page if you are local. And come out and join us…

Have a beautiful day!

Love, Barbara

my my my…..

I have to tell you…. this is so much FUN….
I am loving the feedback on SWEET SURRENDER.

I know it isn’t perfect, but it must be pretty OK, based on the responses…. I was so nervous to share this little piece of me… with you…. but it just makes me want to keep Rock and Rolling!

Up to 18 sold on Amazon! I can’t help it – I have to look! ha! I’m excited! ha ha!

Someone pointed out a typo – I found a couple and I’ll say again, we didn’t pay for anything on this one – I did it all, the layout, the cover… everything – complete ownership…. some of them I looked at and I said – HowTH did we miss that…???  And Gene said no one will care, but you know what…? I didn’t know where this would go… and most of the responses say ‘it’s a good story’. I’m gonna take that for now and move forward…  Like me – there are flaws…..   : )

Well, must get a move on – will keep you posted on Kindle.

I’m having the time of my life… and I owe it all to you…. (Hey, I think there’s a song there!)

(miss you Patrick Swayze and Jerry Orbach)

Love, Barbara

PS – check my FB author page and/or see the “about me” page on here – Fundraiser for The American Cancer Society – local friends who haven’t picked up your book yet, come get it (and I’ll ask for a donation to the ACS – if you don’t and I don’t see you before then, I’ll place another order, but taking all of them that aren’t gone with me…


I just can’t help it….

I’m excited! ha ha!

Books are making their way out, and pictures are coming into my INBOX and appearing on the FaceBook author page (I swear I’ll figure the picture thing on the blog out, just too much other stuff going on right now).

All of the books that I had available are gone (I’m trying to make plans to hook up with those of you who requested from the first printing who haven’t gotten them yet).

I’m getting some feedback that the story is good (SO HAPPY!). I have one book that should deliver today that I am very anxious about – you’ll just have to wonder. And one being mailed that I really wanted to deliver in person, but I didn’t want to wait any longer, so I’m mailing it and will visit for a ‘book chat’ soon.

I looked at the publisher site last night and Gene and I were talking about the progress and he reminded me – “they don’t distribute royalties unless it’s over $20, they hold it till the following month.”

GUESS WHAT!!!!? I’m gonna get royalties in March for February sales! HEE HEE HEE!!!

Waiting for next step from Kindle peeps…

Waiting for those who have finished the book to go to the Amazon site and rate the book – even if you didn’t buy it from there.

Rock and Rollin’ with formatting on the next/first book…

And I’m down 17 pounds – getting ready for my book tour! (ROFLMBO!!!)

Today, nothing can burst this bubble!!!
Oh wait… I have to go to work…. HA!

Have a BEAUTIFUL DAY! Every time I start to feel it could be otherwise I’m gonna think about this post!


“…we have begun Kindle-Ready File Conversion”

Something is in the works!
“We will request your input on several steps…”


I wanted to also post today that YESTERDAY WAS AWESOME! I met some friends for coffee and book distribution and it was so much fun!!! (But I’m still shaking! ha ha!) There are pictures on my FaceBook author page.

I’ve been getting messages from lots of readers – Gene says I should say “international responses” because one of my friends in Canada made a post on FaceBook yesterday! ha!

I am anxious for your responses! Please – even if you didn’t get it on Amazon, please go rate the book. Thank you!

Speaking of Amazon – I added a picture – this one is a ‘holder’ until I get a ‘gooder one’! So I have accomplished several things on my JUST DO IT list of things that you have suggested to help me. Thank you for traveling this journey with me – you are my ENCOURAGERS!

I am waiting on a response about the next book opportunity before I post news, I need to decide if I need to order more books – I only have twenty left (if you asked for one and we haven’t had a chance to get together, I put a book aside for you). All the mailers went out. If anyone asks for one this week I’m gonna refer them to Amazon… this is still in ‘pinchable status’ for me! ha!

Well, I made a pinky-swear promise with ME to get off the computer and get some stuff done around here – you can see that my dining room table is actually a place to eat again… 🙂

Have a great day my friends!

Tomorrow… tomorrow…

… is only a day away…. says this about the word exciting:

If your heart is racing and you’re thrilled, exhilarated, or jumping up and down with anticipation, something must be exciting. Different people find different things exciting. A close football game is exciting for fans. Being in love is exciting for just about anyone. Learning something new, whether French or juggling, is exciting. An action movie is supposed to be exciting — if it’s not, it must not be very good. When you have exciting news, you can’t wait to share it.

It is sooooooo exciting for me to meet my friends tomorrow and deliver books! This is such a special time in my life and I am so happy to share it with you!

I know some of you are DONE reading it – DON’T give anything away but please, please, please, add a review to the amazon page – the more activity, the more exposure… here’s the link to make it easier:

If you have a book, PLEASE take a picture and send it to me: so I can add it to my FaceBook author page (and as soon as I learn how – to the blog!!!)

The picture of my Mama’s friend Karen with her book made me cry today (that and a conversation about Sand Hill Cranes….

I’ll have the camera tomorrow to take pictures because I want to remember every second of this!!!

If you haven’t already please LIKE the FaceBook page:

Thank you again for believing in me!

Love, Barbara

Another inch in my journey

‘Ask, and ye shall receive’ Matthew 7:7

I asked for feedback and ideas… and I am so blessed by my friends and family…

There is now a ‘bigger and better’ bio on the author, Barbara S Stewart on Amazon. (very hard for me!!!) I will work on a CURRENT picture this weekend to add.

I also asked for ideas on getting info on my book out there because with this one we aren’t in a place (YET) to pay for press releases, etc. (WE WILL BE! ha ha!) And I was given a number of ideas, so this weekend I will be busy getting all that squared away.

I still have bruises from pinching myself that this is really happening!

I love you!!!

Local friends – see my message on the contact page re: Saturday 2/18.