Ok, we’re ALMOST there!

Final proof copy came back today – we are in the process of setting it up for distribution, and I will let you know through which on-line retailers you can order it as soon as I have all the information. ( for sure). No matter what, Kindle will be a few weeks away. It takes longer for the ereader versions, because they have to format, etc.

I am going to order books – 36 will be available to the first 36 of you to tell me you want to get it from me (because you want a ‘love note’ or something! ha ha!) The book will be $5.99. If you are local, it’ll still be $5.99! ha! If I am mailing to you out of town it looks like shipping will be $2 – $3 range. I have to take one to the post office to verify. I’m not sure at this point, what the on-line price or shipping will be, or if this price will stick going forward, it shouldn’t be much different.

I need to do my disclaimer here – it will be a PG13 Contemporary Romance (We checked guidelines!)

It’s 218 pages but the back contains my TEASE for my FIRST REAL BOOK! And I can’t wait to get that one ready now that I THINK I know what I’m doing! ha!!!

If you want one of the 36 (first come first serve) that I will have upfront, email me at the address.

I’m not ready yet, but I hope to have a paypal link on the site and when it’s available on a link to that. Gotta hit up my webMASTER! ha ha!

I’m nervous and excited all at the same time!
I love you all for BELIEVING IN ME!!!

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  1. barbarastewart says:

    I can’t sleep! Too excited! hee heeeee!

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