Tomorrow… tomorrow…

… is only a day away…. says this about the word exciting:

If your heart is racing and you’re thrilled, exhilarated, or jumping up and down with anticipation, something must be exciting. Different people find different things exciting. A close football game is exciting for fans. Being in love is exciting for just about anyone. Learning something new, whether French or juggling, is exciting. An action movie is supposed to be exciting — if it’s not, it must not be very good. When you have exciting news, you can’t wait to share it.

It is sooooooo exciting for me to meet my friends tomorrow and deliver books! This is such a special time in my life and I am so happy to share it with you!

I know some of you are DONE reading it – DON’T give anything away but please, please, please, add a review to the amazon page – the more activity, the more exposure… here’s the link to make it easier:

If you have a book, PLEASE take a picture and send it to me: so I can add it to my FaceBook author page (and as soon as I learn how – to the blog!!!)

The picture of my Mama’s friend Karen with her book made me cry today (that and a conversation about Sand Hill Cranes….

I’ll have the camera tomorrow to take pictures because I want to remember every second of this!!!

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Thank you again for believing in me!

Love, Barbara

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