“…we have begun Kindle-Ready File Conversion”

Something is in the works!
“We will request your input on several steps…”


I wanted to also post today that YESTERDAY WAS AWESOME! I met some friends for coffee and book distribution and it was so much fun!!! (But I’m still shaking! ha ha!) There are pictures on my FaceBook author page.

I’ve been getting messages from lots of readers – Gene says I should say “international responses” because one of my friends in Canada made a post on FaceBook yesterday! ha!

I am anxious for your responses! Please – even if you didn’t get it on Amazon, please go rate the book. Thank you!

Speaking of Amazon – I added a picture – this one is a ‘holder’ until I get a ‘gooder one’! So I have accomplished several things on my JUST DO IT list of things that you have suggested to help me. Thank you for traveling this journey with me – you are my ENCOURAGERS!

I am waiting on a response about the next book opportunity before I post news, I need to decide if I need to order more books – I only have twenty left (if you asked for one and we haven’t had a chance to get together, I put a book aside for you). All the mailers went out. If anyone asks for one this week I’m gonna refer them to Amazon… this is still in ‘pinchable status’ for me! ha!

Well, I made a pinky-swear promise with ME to get off the computer and get some stuff done around here – you can see that my dining room table is actually a place to eat again… 🙂

Have a great day my friends!

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