I just can’t help it….

I’m excited! ha ha!

Books are making their way out, and pictures are coming into my INBOX and appearing on the FaceBook author page (I swear I’ll figure the picture thing on the blog out, just too much other stuff going on right now).

All of the books that I had available are gone (I’m trying to make plans to hook up with those of you who requested from the first printing who haven’t gotten them yet).

I’m getting some feedback that the story is good (SO HAPPY!). I have one book that should deliver today that I am very anxious about – you’ll just have to wonder. And one being mailed that I really wanted to deliver in person, but I didn’t want to wait any longer, so I’m mailing it and will visit for a ‘book chat’ soon.

I looked at the publisher site last night and Gene and I were talking about the progress and he reminded me – “they don’t distribute royalties unless it’s over $20, they hold it till the following month.”

GUESS WHAT!!!!? I’m gonna get royalties in March for February sales! HEE HEE HEE!!!

Waiting for next step from Kindle peeps…

Waiting for those who have finished the book to go to the Amazon site and rate the book – even if you didn’t buy it from there.

Rock and Rollin’ with formatting on the next/first book…

And I’m down 17 pounds – getting ready for my book tour! (ROFLMBO!!!)

Today, nothing can burst this bubble!!!
Oh wait… I have to go to work…. HA!

Have a BEAUTIFUL DAY! Every time I start to feel it could be otherwise I’m gonna think about this post!


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