Moanday – Monday

Welp… a nice weekend shared with family and friends. Some time with my honey… some formatting, some editing, some writing, and now it’s time for the other world…

I’ve wanted to put this picture on here for a while, and just figured out HOW! (I like to write, that doesn’t mean I know WTH I’m doing as far as the techno stuff!) I’m adding this here now, because it makes me smile!.

Hemingway, one of his cats – and a bottle of vino!

"Write drunk, edit sober"

I did some tweaking to the site – let me know what you think! If/when you have a chance, check out the pictures I’ve added. I’m still have more and am waiting for some more…. but it’s a work in progress…

Still waiting on ‘next step’ from Kindle, and I have one personal goal for Sweet Surrender (that I have no control over). I’ll let you know if it happens!

Update ~ As we are working on the formatting of Rock and Roll, I’ve reached out for help with the artwork for my cover. I don’t want one of the ‘canned’, ‘you pick’ covers for this one – it’s too special. I’ll keep you posted.

Make sure you see the WHAT’S GOING ON page if you are local. And come out and join us…

Have a beautiful day!

Love, Barbara

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