Follow the dream…

But which fork in the road to choose……

I think I’m at the hard part now…

We chose to keep ownership on Sweet Surrender for a lot of reasons. First, CONFIDENCE – It was hard putting that little piece of my heart out there! And as I said previously – it’s like me – there are some flaws, but each step is part of the learning process. The second part was $$$ – I wasn’t able to invest a lot in this one, so we did it all on our own, and now that my friends and family have helped by purchasing it – where do I go from here……?

First – (I know three of you have completed it) If you LOVED IT – TELL EVERYONE – if you hated it – TELL ME! 🙂

If you have finished it, would you go on and add a review for me? (the amazon link is on my contact page)

And then….. can I ask that you tell one friend or family member that I don’t know about it. That’s at least 40 people who I don’t already have contact with!

I am also working on some things – but this is the hard part for me – one of my “mentors” – Jan Johannes – told me that I will have to PIMP (his words! ha ha! I love that man!) my own work… But see, here’s the thing – you only THINK that I am an EXTROVERT… I am in situations where I KNOW WHO I’m with, and WTH I’m doing…

I have two things in the work – one I will share on my contact page (SO GO LOOK NOW!!!) Another one I will post as soon as I know more details.

So, as it gets closer to time to get ready for the  J O B, I will say as I often do…

DON’T STOP BELIEVIN’ (in yourself or me!)


Have a beautiful day friends.

Love, Barbara

PS – I am still working on Rock and Roll – it will be a while – I will keep you posted on that journey as well!



On American Idol, when JLo likes something she says ‘Wow’uh!” and sometimes she leans over to Steven and sticks her arm out a little and says “goosies!”

Yesterday I got a text that made me yell “Wow’uh!” and then I ran in the other room where Gene was with goosies! And then my heart was racing and my hands were shaking!

I got the first feedback on the book!

Remember the conversation I posted the other day with Gene – “What if it sucks?”

Well, it must not have sucked to my friend JenJ!!!

The text said:

“OMG page… (not gonna tell you here because if you have the book I don’t want you to flip to that page!)

I cannot stop….. it’s so good!”

And I know these words exactly because I took a screen shot of the texts! ha! 🙂

JenJ is the first person that I know of who finished the book!  She called me afterward and I was crying (and still shaking) when I got off the phone…

So exciting!!!

We’re working on the Kindle thing – I have some questions so I’m gonna have to get on the phone to get an understanding and then we’ll be ready to upload – it says it take like 3-4 weeks – I will keep you posted!

Oh, and more update – I have books ready to ship! On Wednesday Gene will go to the post office with a box’o’books to send to those who requested one. I have sold 13 on Amazon so far, and have sold 15 from here! I am trying to make plans to meet up with some of you – hopefully this week.


Have a beautiful day friends!

Love, Barbara

It’s NOW official!

Just so you see progress!
And because it MOTIVATES me!
Here’s the book info for the next/first book!

Rock and Roll Never Forgets: The Story of a Girl and a Rock Star
Authored by Barbara S Stewart
6″ x 9″ (15.24 x 22.86 cm)
Black & White on White paper
ISBN-13: 978-1470059293
ISBN-10: 1470059290

A love story about the peaks and valleys of a relationship lived in the public eye. The story of Bethy and Andy, and the journey they traveled through his career in the music business, and her struggles to stay obscure in a world she never really settled into comfortably.

In the end it’s all about love, fate, and what the heart can’t hold back.

Have a beautiful day Peeps! I’m smiling already!

Love, Barbara



What a week – but I still have to get through today before I give a WHEWWW! So much ‘stuff’ this week.

I am excited to share that I made the next big step on the next/first book and now that I have it ‘official’ – ISBN and the copyright secured – I am REJUVENATED! I still have work to do on the formatting but no more edits, changes or rewrites!

I will be seeing one of my MENTORS and one of my favorite ENCOURAGERS tomorrow and taking them their copy of ‘SS’ and I can’t wait to tell them about the next/first book!  It will still be a while before it’s ready to submit – I now know why the fee to do the formatting is a chunk’a change – it’s because it’s a LOT of work! But I AM KEEPING OWNERSHIP that way it’s mine! I’ll just keep telling you that I am ROCK AND ROLLING until I reach the next step in that journey!  I’ve had six people read through it at various stages since 2003 when it started and the ENCOURAGERS all keep telling me to move forward – actually there are 7 people who encourage me – I’ve said here before that my main male character wakes me up and tells me to finish it! I CAN’T WAIT FOR YOU TO MEET HIM!!!  He will follow a LONG journey with me – you – us!  And again I say….

You’ll just have to wonder!!!

One more side thought and maybe those of you who know me can share your thoughts on this mini-debate…..

Amazon, and several of my encouragers, suggest (with some of the encouragers it’s more of a NAG! ha ha ha!)  that I add much more info about me to the author page (if you go to the site under the title of the book there is a link – click on my name and it has some info about the author). I’m told (nagged) that I should put a picture on there. I’m ok with that, but…………….

I don’t have a picture of me that I want to use, so I keep saying I will get one. Someone who loves me very much has a picture on his desk (no names mentioned – HA!) that he says I should use – it’s a beautiful picture (and hint – you will read more about this particular picture in the next/first book) and I LOVE IT, TOO, but here’s the thing – it was a while ago – OK, more like 13 years and many pounds ago – I wear glasses full-time now – and I don’t think it’s the right picture to use – some guy may click on my link and then bump into me at a book signing and say WhoTF is that? ha ha!!!!  ROFLMBO!!!! (First ‘HA!’ is that a guy would be looking for THAT book! Second ‘HA!’ is that he’d be looking for the babe in the picture (I was in that pic! hee hee!) and find Moi’ at the table!

So – old pic that someone thinks I should use – or a new pic of the real me?! Feedback???

OK – must get moving…

I wish you all a blessed and beautiful day!

Love, Barbara


Oh Happy Day!!!!

I came home last night to three boxes (FIRST PRINTING!) of the finished product – very fun!!! I am taking the first batch to work today to the friends there who requested one.

Gene is getting postage info TODAY for the pre-orders that will be mailing soon. (I will send you private notes letting you know the amount). And I am pretty sure the FIRST book ordered from Amazon will deliver today to somewhere in NY – Thank you my sweet friend Mindy!

Very exciting!

The sales on Amazon are up to 11. I realize that most are friends, but I don’t know that for certain! For this book – first publication – I am keeping costs down to see what happens… my only promotion of Sweet Surrender so far, is word of mouth and my GOOD GOOD GOOD FRIENDS on FaceBook have posted the link to Amazon on their pages so that friends of theirs who I don’t know see it.

We will see how this goes – but in the mean time….
I am working on finalizing everything on my first book – my love – my heart…
I’ll keep you posted!

Blessings for a beautiful day and as I have said often, and will probably say more…
THANK YOU for believing in me!

Love, Barbara


I’ve already sold TWO books through Amazon! ! It’s not profit at this point, but I SOLD TWO BOOKS THROUGH AMAZON.COM! ha ha!

For the record – when I threw the invite to purchase from the first 50 books, Your books are on the way to me! I am getting a HOT PINK marker to sign them! ‘Cuz that’s the kinda girl I am!!! ha ha! I got the notice that they are on the way – shipped yesterday and it said they would arrive by the 13th. I’ll be in touch with you soon!

Thank you for believing in me!
Love, Barbara


Delaney Morris is a young woman afraid of commitment. Logan Stiles is a man determined to tear down the wall she has built around her heart, protecting it because of the volatile relationship her parents share. He patiently waits and chips away at the wall until a piece of her past is revealed that leads to the answers she needs to break through the wall completely.

I’m on!!!!!!!!!