The road less traveled…

I know where I’m going, I may just take a little longer to get there than I WANT TO.

I have the laptop back, but not without having to relearn… isn’t it funny how habits affect us – I struggled and struggled with the CONTROL versus the COMMAND (Mac) button and now, even at work I am confused… but if you know me it doesn’t take much! ha!

But it’s back where it belongs – ON MY LAP – and I am back in my ‘Happy Place”!

Update – we are ONE download away from 400. It’s exciting! I hope that readers will travel this journey with me and watch me grow and improve, and if you read this I want you to know that I appreciate your feedback, and I take it seriously. I know I have a lot to learn, I knew that when I shared Sweet Surrender with you.

I am Rock and Rolling again, but looking at it in a new light, because when I share it I want it to be good, this one means so much to me, so wait for me on the other side – I hope it won’t be too long…

So now I must get back, there’s a chapter that needs attention before i head to the J O B!

Be well my friends. Love, Barbara

Fork in the road….

and wondering which path to choose…

I just won’t let it stall me, I have to pick a path and move forward – that kind of goes with my favorite post thought – ‘Count it all a blessing and move forward’. 

Robert Frost said in one of my favorite poems:

The woods are lovely, dark and deep.   
But I have promises to keep,   
And miles to go before I sleep,   
And miles to go before I sleep.
The promises are to MYSELF and since I don’t sleep anyway – I will travel those miles…
I hope you are with me at the other end of my journey!

So as I think, I want to blog about Sweet Surrender… what a blessing that has been. I’ve said all along that it had flaws, I could have taken more time with it – from start to Kindle was a total of 121 days. I only invested TIME in it, I didn’t have money to invest. No one read it, or knew anything about the story except that I participated in NaNoWriMo to start it but Gene and I, so I am OK with the feedback I’m getting. I threw it out there to see what would happen and now I am trying to apply all of that and what I’ve learned on my own for my next/first project. I will be pushing through…


push through (something) to work through or force one’s way through something.  See also: push

McGraw-Hill Dictionary of American Idioms and Phrasal Verbs. © 2002 by The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.


Today though, I seriously have to step away and finish packing the Santas – yes, they ARE still out…

Blessings my friends. Love, Barbara

“Ya gotta have friends…”

Oh, and I am soooo blessed by mine.

I had the best 42 minute phone conversation last night with a friend who is family (you know who you are!) I am working on re-sharing a piece of my heart with her to get into rapid-fire mode to get Rock and Roll RTG!!!
(ready to go – if you don’t know!!!)

I’m getting feedback, reviews on Amazon, and have to remind my self that 1) you can’t make everyone happy, and some people can’t give negative feedback in a positive way, 2) I’ve bought books before and thought these same things, because maybe they weren’t my style to begin with and 3) IT’S PART OF MY JOURNEY – the growth in this craft.  That is what I want more than anything from this experience with SWEET SURRENDER, GROWTH… This just tells me I have some work yet to do. I know that I’ve LEARNED SO MUCH already!

MOVE ON… Count it ALL a BLESSING and move forward! Oh, and the math… 2 out of 10,199 is pretty good odds so far! (I’m gonna keep looking at the bright side today!)

The lap top is on its way to HP and as I was whining about it, (because that’s what I do! ha!) I walked in the door last night to find Mac-daddy computer set up on the dining room table! My honey is the best!

Now, because I have work to do, I will tell you to have a beautiful day, thanking you, once again for sharing the journey with me.

Love, Barbara


A wing and a prayer…

WHAT A WEEKEND! I am still pinching myself, and something about the promotion triggered sales after it was over – over 260 downloads and 4 more paperbacks purchased since the promotion was over – EXCITING! (my WINGS, I’m still flying high!)

But the one bad thing is – I think I’ve worn my poor’ol laptop out… It appears that the problem with my good friend PC is the same issue we had several months ago, with the hinge on the lid. The bad news is… HP is sending a box for us to send it back to repair. That means no formatting – I’m afraid to do it on the MAC, it’s too important – if I was starting from scratch, it’d be OK, but not in the middle. I can work on edits and rewrites on the second book in the trilogy, but R&R will be on hold…  The good news is… IT’S STILL UNDER WARRANTY from the last repair… YAY!!! (my PRAYER!)

I am getting ready to add some feedback I’ve received to the WHAT I’M HEARING PAGE. I NEED THE HONESTY, I’ve used this expression before, but it seems to work…  YOUR WORDS HELP MINE. So…. THANK YOU Ms. Morris. I appreciate you.

Well friends, I hope for more feedback, soon.

Love, Barbara



Surely NOT ME!

A little more than 48 hours ago not many people knew who I was, or about Sweet Surrender

Now…  OMGoodness….  I AM STILL REELING!

I took a chance and tossed out a little piece of my heart and I can’t even believe the outcome!!! The Kindle Free Weekend promotion came with many emotions… apprehension first – why would I give it away?! Followed by the ‘oh dang it! all these book downloads and no reward! (But there was!!!)

And that gave way to EXCITEMENT, EXHILARATION and DISBELIEF, followed by EXCITEMENT, EXHILARATION and DISBELIEF!!!!!  I know I already said that, but WAIT! THERE’S MORE!!!!



When the book (paperback) first published if you went to Amazon to look for it by the title (there are a lot of Sweet Surrenders!!!!) you had to dig deep to find it – NOW, right now, at this moment it’s number ten in the list!!!


Friday morning when I woke up and it was 3 hours into the promotion, I saw 102 downloads…

Now, Sunday morning at 3:00AM,the promotion is officially over, but it appears that the ‘ticker’ is still totaling, so I will continue with my thoughts until it looks like it’s completed.

Currently at 9555!!! That’s so close to 10,000 that I can’t even believe it!!!! (I’ll look again when I get up and if it changes I’ll post a P.S…)

That’s about 9400 people who took a chance on me! I know, because many of you told me you did, that some of my friends and family downloaded it, and I CAN PROMISE YOU I DIDN’T download more than one copy – Amazon won’t let you! I TRIED! ha ha!!

I hope they love Delaney and Logan!!!

And when I got up yesterday morning I didn’t know that there was an AMAZON TOP 100 FREE DOWNLOADS list – but it was pointed out to me, so I LOOKED UNTIL I FOUND IT! I believe when I did I was at #76…

Well… GUESS WHAT?!?!??!

I made it to #26!! Not only in the Top 100 I made it into the Top 50 and came this close <holding thumb and forefinger together, SMH> to the Top 25…. (oh, and JUST IN CASE… I took a picture of that #26 ranking – OH YES I DID!!! And I will add it to the photos on the blog later… HA!)

Oh my….. SOMEBODY PINCH ME!!!!!!

Gene just woke up and came in to see if there was a total and we were just discussing my GOOD FORTUNE, it’s not about income/money with this one. I thought it was, but with Sweet Surrender I threw this one out to see what would happen, now I’m psyched!!!

And wondering… WHO THE 9500 people are?!?! WHO KNOWS WHO DOWNLOADS FREE BOOKS!!!!?

A good, sweet, wonderful friend told me to stop self-doubting and be positive, (you know who you are!)

So here goes…

I positively hope that 9000 people don’t think it sucked! ha!!! I hope they are HAPPY with the outcome when they are done reading it, and even more….

I HOPE THEY WILL RATE IT – honest and real words – sharing their thoughts on my little piece of my heart…

But EVEN MORE… I hope when the next one comes out, when Rock and Roll Never Forgets is published, they say – ‘HEY, I read her first book, let’s give this one a try!’

Well, it’s late (in some places!) so I will post this and slip off to slumber… (a girl can HOPE!) And in closing say… Thank you to all of you who posted the link for the free download… THANK YOU FOR BELIEVING IN ME! (you know me, so don’t act SHOCKED! you know it’s coming…)

I am an AUTHOR!!!

Love, Barbara


I was awake at 3:00AM, my legs were crazy and, yes, I looked at the Kindle downloads. 3:00AM EST was the 24 hour mark for the free-download promotion…

There is a promotion ‘tool’ in Kindle that guides you through how to promote your book, and after reading that the free download promotion would reach so MANY potential readers I didn’t have access to on my own, I jumped in head first with NO CLUE what to expect….

I posted yesterday morning when I got up that there were 102 downloads, IMAGINE MY SURPRISE…

Oh humor me and make that drum roll noise!!!

2618 downloads in the first 24 hours!!! I though a couple hundred, maybe more, but over TWO THOUSAND!!! And at 7:15AM it’s at 2823!

NOT IN MY WILDEST DREAMS could I ever imagine that!

2823 people have my book to read…. and 24 hours ago they didn’t know anything about me or that little piece of my heart!

Now I am hopeful that many of them will go back to Amazon and write a review! There was a LOT of traffic on the blog yesterday, and it was everything, not just the daily post, they looked at ALL the pages…

I’ll post a grand total tomorrow when the promotion is over.

Have a beautiful day!

Love, Barbara

Happy St. Patty’s Day!

Most of my friends know this, but I am throwing it out for more exposure…

I am a newly published author and like me, the book has flaws, but I would like for you to read THE STORY and give me an HONEST review…. To celebrate St. Patty’s day the Kindle download is FREE from 12:00AM tonight 3/16 – 11:59PM on 3/17.
Enjoy the journey…

Fri AM addendum:

The Kindle special above is already helping get the book (and me) out there. I’ve posted the info several places. There are already 16 books downloaded and it only started at 3AM EST (midnight PST) already. Hoping this will get some reviews on the Amazon site so that people see them, and as I understand it, if they downloaded it, WHEN the next book comes out they will get or see something that they have ‘purchased’ one of my books in the past. Crossing fingers – it’s already an AMAZING JOURNEY! Maybe this takes me to the next step (which is only the 2nd one in the stairway to my ‘writer’s heaven ha!)

Thanks to all of you for your support and love, Barbara

PS – there is a new comment on the WHAT I’M HEARING PAGE – check it out!


Well, maybe I should have only done 1 day!!! 102 downloads already… But that means 102 more people will hopefully read it!!!!!