Beyond excited….

I googled that phrase and the words ‘enthusiastic’ (that works) and ‘ecstatic’ came up (others as well, [thrilled, exuberant, overjoyed, delighted] but these stuck out…)

I’m going to go with ECSTATIC!

If you’ve followed my posts since I started blogging, you know that I began the initial steps in this journey almost 10 years ago, and then put it aside because I was overwhelmed with things I’d forgotten about grammar, things I didn’t know about writing, or WTH to do with it when I was done, and then some amazing things (and more amazing people) happened in my life and I took a big’ol leap of faith and threw a little piece of my heart out for others to see…

Fear of the UNKNOWN kept me wondering, ‘is it good enough?’ and as I have said here before, I know there are flaws but I am not without them myself,so flaws are part of the package….

The piece of my heart that I shared has given me more joy… the responses from my friends and family have been fun, thrilling, exciting, and leave me smiling… but here’s the thing (and a fear)…

These people love me, they know me, and they know my heart…

Someone bought the book on Amazon and reviewed it and the review left me bawling [actually a total of 18 ‘someones’ so far, but who’s counting….(ME!!!)]

Mrs. Richard H from John’s Island, Seychelles* – I LOVE YOU!

You know nothing about me and you liked my book 5 stars worth!

I will tell all you wannabe’s – if there’s a song in your heart – SING IT! If there’s an image, PAINT IT or PHOTOGRAPH IT, if there’s a book in your heart – WRITE IT!

I was on Pintrest (seriously I go there to look and have found pictures to add to the storyboard for up and coming adventures in a book) and I saw this and I have to share it….

 mine scare the hell out of me…

Well, my friends, it’s another day to go to the  JO B, but I don’t think I can allow anything or anyone to wipe the smile off my face today…

Love, Barbara

I had to google* that too! I LOVE GOOGLE! ha!,+Seychelles+google+map&hl=en&client=safari&rls=en&biw=1280&bih=656&tbm=isch&tbnid=pwvePKrswgwQ1M:&imgrefurl=,r:13,s:0


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  1. barbarastewart says:

    JUST FYI – I am still smiling!!!!!!!!
    I need to know and someone help me out if you see this – I KNOW how to find my book on AMAZON…
    I need to know how someone else finds it! seriously… inquiring minds… well you know…

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