Happy St. Patty’s Day!

Most of my friends know this, but I am throwing it out for more exposure…

I am a newly published author and like me, the book has flaws, but I would like for you to read THE STORY and give me an HONEST review…. To celebrate St. Patty’s day the Kindle download is FREE from 12:00AM tonight 3/16 – 11:59PM on 3/17.
Enjoy the journey…


Fri AM addendum:

The Kindle special above is already helping get the book (and me) out there. I’ve posted the info several places. There are already 16 books downloaded and it only started at 3AM EST (midnight PST) already. Hoping this will get some reviews on the Amazon site so that people see them, and as I understand it, if they downloaded it, WHEN the next book comes out they will get or see something that they have ‘purchased’ one of my books in the past. Crossing fingers – it’s already an AMAZING JOURNEY! Maybe this takes me to the next step (which is only the 2nd one in the stairway to my ‘writer’s heaven ha!)

Thanks to all of you for your support and love, Barbara

PS – there is a new comment on the WHAT I’M HEARING PAGE – check it out!


Well, maybe I should have only done 1 day!!! 102 downloads already… But that means 102 more people will hopefully read it!!!!!





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