I was awake at 3:00AM, my legs were crazy and, yes, I looked at the Kindle downloads. 3:00AM EST was the 24 hour mark for the free-download promotion…

There is a promotion ‘tool’ in Kindle that guides you through how to promote your book, and after reading that the free download promotion would reach so MANY potential readers I didn’t have access to on my own, I jumped in head first with NO CLUE what to expect….

I posted yesterday morning when I got up that there were 102 downloads, IMAGINE MY SURPRISE…

Oh humor me and make that drum roll noise!!!

2618 downloads in the first 24 hours!!! I though a couple hundred, maybe more, but over TWO THOUSAND!!! And at 7:15AM it’s at 2823!

NOT IN MY WILDEST DREAMS could I ever imagine that!

2823 people have my book to read…. and 24 hours ago they didn’t know anything about me or that little piece of my heart!

Now I am hopeful that many of them will go back to Amazon and write a review! There was a LOT of traffic on the blog yesterday, and it was everything, not just the daily post, they looked at ALL the pages…

I’ll post a grand total tomorrow when the promotion is over.

Have a beautiful day!

Love, Barbara

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  1. barbarastewart says:

    Gene and I are making bets on the total number of downloads! If you want in msg me or reply here and we’ll see who gets closest! I said “no prize” but bragging rights on FaceBook, but maybe I will think of something! ha ha!

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