Surely NOT ME!

A little more than 48 hours ago not many people knew who I was, or about Sweet Surrender

Now…  OMGoodness….  I AM STILL REELING!

I took a chance and tossed out a little piece of my heart and I can’t even believe the outcome!!! The Kindle Free Weekend promotion came with many emotions… apprehension first – why would I give it away?! Followed by the ‘oh dang it! all these book downloads and no reward! (But there was!!!)

And that gave way to EXCITEMENT, EXHILARATION and DISBELIEF, followed by EXCITEMENT, EXHILARATION and DISBELIEF!!!!!  I know I already said that, but WAIT! THERE’S MORE!!!!



When the book (paperback) first published if you went to Amazon to look for it by the title (there are a lot of Sweet Surrenders!!!!) you had to dig deep to find it – NOW, right now, at this moment it’s number ten in the list!!!


Friday morning when I woke up and it was 3 hours into the promotion, I saw 102 downloads…

Now, Sunday morning at 3:00AM,the promotion is officially over, but it appears that the ‘ticker’ is still totaling, so I will continue with my thoughts until it looks like it’s completed.

Currently at 9555!!! That’s so close to 10,000 that I can’t even believe it!!!! (I’ll look again when I get up and if it changes I’ll post a P.S…)

That’s about 9400 people who took a chance on me! I know, because many of you told me you did, that some of my friends and family downloaded it, and I CAN PROMISE YOU I DIDN’T download more than one copy – Amazon won’t let you! I TRIED! ha ha!!

I hope they love Delaney and Logan!!!

And when I got up yesterday morning I didn’t know that there was an AMAZON TOP 100 FREE DOWNLOADS list – but it was pointed out to me, so I LOOKED UNTIL I FOUND IT! I believe when I did I was at #76…

Well… GUESS WHAT?!?!??!

I made it to #26!! Not only in the Top 100 I made it into the Top 50 and came this close <holding thumb and forefinger together, SMH> to the Top 25…. (oh, and JUST IN CASE… I took a picture of that #26 ranking – OH YES I DID!!! And I will add it to the photos on the blog later… HA!)

Oh my….. SOMEBODY PINCH ME!!!!!!

Gene just woke up and came in to see if there was a total and we were just discussing my GOOD FORTUNE, it’s not about income/money with this one. I thought it was, but with Sweet Surrender I threw this one out to see what would happen, now I’m psyched!!!

And wondering… WHO THE 9500 people are?!?! WHO KNOWS WHO DOWNLOADS FREE BOOKS!!!!?

A good, sweet, wonderful friend told me to stop self-doubting and be positive, (you know who you are!)

So here goes…

I positively hope that 9000 people don’t think it sucked! ha!!! I hope they are HAPPY with the outcome when they are done reading it, and even more….

I HOPE THEY WILL RATE IT – honest and real words – sharing their thoughts on my little piece of my heart…

But EVEN MORE… I hope when the next one comes out, when Rock and Roll Never Forgets is published, they say – ‘HEY, I read her first book, let’s give this one a try!’

Well, it’s late (in some places!) so I will post this and slip off to slumber… (a girl can HOPE!) And in closing say… Thank you to all of you who posted the link for the free download… THANK YOU FOR BELIEVING IN ME! (you know me, so don’t act SHOCKED! you know it’s coming…)


I am an AUTHOR!!!

Love, Barbara

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  1. barbarastewart says:

    9736 is the GRAND TOTAL…. and…. more have been SOLD!!!

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