A wing and a prayer…

WHAT A WEEKEND! I am still pinching myself, and something about the promotion triggered sales after it was over – over 260 downloads and 4 more paperbacks purchased since the promotion was over – EXCITING! (my WINGS, I’m still flying high!)

But the one bad thing is – I think I’ve worn my poor’ol laptop out… It appears that the problem with my good friend PC is the same issue we had several months ago, with the hinge on the lid. The bad news is… HP is sending a box for us to send it back to repair. That means no formatting – I’m afraid to do it on the MAC, it’s too important – if I was starting from scratch, it’d be OK, but not in the middle. I can work on edits and rewrites on the second book in the trilogy, but R&R will be on hold…  The good news is… IT’S STILL UNDER WARRANTY from the last repair… YAY!!! (my PRAYER!)

I am getting ready to add some feedback I’ve received to the WHAT I’M HEARING PAGE. I NEED THE HONESTY, I’ve used this expression before, but it seems to work…  YOUR WORDS HELP MINE. So…. THANK YOU Ms. Morris. I appreciate you.

Well friends, I hope for more feedback, soon.

Love, Barbara


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