…my heart <3

I woke up very emotional today, feeling like tears are just waiting to escape.

I looked at the calendar, nothing significant that I can remember, but I am old and my ‘rememberer’ doesn’t work as good as it used to. ūüôā

Trying to think what it is exactly, I thought about my conversation with my beautiful niece, Morgan, last night… Maybe I’m emotional because it’s been too long since I’ve seen them. I sent her a book and she was telling me she was excited and couldn’t wait to read it, to which I replied (more than once) “remember, it’s PG13″… her response, “I’m 17 Aunt Barb, I see R rated movies” and we laughed, and now I wonder, ‘where have the years gone?’ Makes me¬†think about my Mama…

There are two people I want read the book, more than anyone else. I want LOTS of people to read it ūüôā ¬†But two stick in my mind… one can’t, but I AM TAKING HER A BOOK… and one just hasn’t had an opportunity yet.

And then I think…

Ahhhhh, it’s hormones!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a beautiful day friends, and if you are reading this… I call you my friend.

Love, Barbara

Coffee’s on…

Be careful what you wish for…

I say those words with a smile followed by that…

I asked for HONEST feedback, and while none of this is bad by any means, it does make one stop…. ponder…. and wonder about going forward.

I write what I KNOW. Someone asked me if my book was a murder mystery…
HELLO? I don’t KNOW murder… This is a love story… and on that note, a friend mentioned that someone who read it said one of my characters wasn’t ‘real’, ‘too good’, I think is the phrasing used… but in my REAL LIFE, that is the GOOD MAN that I KNOW and LOVE (patient, caring with a good heart)…

I¬†believe there will be a butt-head (cuz I’ve had a few of those in my life) and a rambler, and a bit of a rogue (had that in my life before too) in upcoming stories.

Someone pointed out that there was a lot of “coffee” and I thought about that as I am sitting here sipping mine!¬†In my family coffee has so many places – when I was a kid, it was my job to get the coffee ready before bed so that when Dad got up at o’dark:thirty he could flip it on to have a cup to take with him to work (in that thermos that I think my brother David still has!) Mine is now on an automatic timer and ready when I wake up, its my ME TIME in the morning – writing, checking FaceBook sipping my coffee – it’s pleasure.¬†But maybe I need to rethink that going forward. I remember sitting around Mamaw’s kitchen table and there was always coffee – it was part of the conversation. I WRITE WHAT I KNOW…

I have had some wonderful feedback about the “LOVE SCENES” – and one of the best comments about that was that it was “tasteful” and that my friend didn’t want to read anything “smutty” and my words made her comfortable reading on.

Anyway – I APPRECIATE YOUR WORDS, because they help me with mine. So… please keep them coming – I AM LISTENING…¬†THIS IS NEW TO ME, and I WANT TO GROW WITH MY ART…

On that “new” note – there is another NEWLY PUBLISHED member in my family circle – please check this thriller:


Good luck Luke!

OK, I’m off singing… “Hi Ho, Hi Ho….”

Blessings for a beautiful day! Barbara


Here we go again…

Moanday (spelled that way on purpose) again… and with the time change to go with it – ugh…

What a GREAT weekend though!

A little “me” time – Saturday: hair cut, manicure, and I met two of my favorite girlies for lunch. There was so much laughter, and excitement over the latest ‘chapter’ in my life. My friend Liz said, “I didn’t know you were a writer!” and I replied, “I DIDN’T EITHER!” ha ha! We caught up on all kinds of things, because it’s been too long since we’ve been together. It was the best time!

Then yesterday I snuck away to my favorite place early with one of my favorite people and there was even more giggling and laughing! I swear we were TRYING to be quiet! But some of the people there would just look over at us and we’d “shush” ourselves, but we’d be back laughing again! We talked about EVERYTHING, but we were talking about the “love scenes” in Sweet Surrender…¬†about ¬†how hard it was to put the idea into words and keep it clean, but give you the right “picture”… finally this lovely lady at the table across from us said something like, “I wasn’t listening to your conversation, but, if the love scene shows the EMOTION then it’s good.” We all started ¬†laughing, but it opened the door to a great conversation, and I hope I can go back soon and bump into ‘Jean’.

I think I’ll LAUGH…

Yesterday I had to MAKE MYSELF step away from the computer to take care of some things that I’d been neglecting. My house is CLEANER, but there are also got two ¬†more chapters formatted on R & R…

I officially have 120 books in circulation *paperback and Kindle!) and I am still pinching myself!¬†I hope the cloud I’m floating on doesn’t catch a new wind any time soon… this feels so good!

Well, if I wrap my head around it I can get another chapter formatted.

Have a beautiful day friends!

Love, Barbara


The first step is admitting it…
Here goes – I AM A DORK!
I know, it was as hard for me to type as it will be for you to believe, but I am…

The book is KINDLE READY and I JUST PURCHASED THE FIRST ONE so that I have Sweet Surrender loaded in the Kindle app on my phone!

I can’t help it! I’m excited! ha ha!


That’s all today,m cuz I stayed up too late and slept later because of it, and now I must hurry… ¬†DIGITAL PEEPS!

I’m not only an AUTHOR, I’m an author who has a book on Kindle! roflmbo!

Make it a beautiful day!!!

Love, Barbara


Waiting… well, maybe not so patiently – I confess, I sneak peeks to look at my e:Mail several times¬†during the day to see if there is news on Kindle… nothing yet! They said 3-4 weeks, it’s been 2+ and I am anxious!

Been away from here for a few days – busy days, first the J O B, but I’ve also been working with the formatting on Rock and Roll and going through a couple other things so I’ve not been doing NOTHING. And… I have a special someone reading through R&R to get a ‘VISION” for a book cover! I’m excited to “keep it personal”, working with a good friend on this!

I love the little messages you send me about where you are in the book, remember, for this book (at this time) you are my only aid in promoting it, so please tell your friends if you liked it – the amazon link is on this page. And if you loved it please say so! You can email me (link to that is on the contact page or you can add a note to the ‘author page’ on FaceBook. I appreciate you believing in me!

Well, I promised me that I would get through another chapter – formatting – so I better ‘git along lil’doggies’!

Make it a beautiful day – I am gonna give it my best shot!


Beyond excited….

I googled that phrase and the words ‘enthusiastic’ (that works) and ‘ecstatic’ came up (others as well, [thrilled, exuberant, overjoyed, delighted] but these stuck out…)

I’m going to go with ECSTATIC!

If you’ve followed my posts since I started blogging, you know that I began the initial steps in this journey almost 10 years ago, and then put it aside because I was overwhelmed with things I’d forgotten about grammar, things I didn’t know about writing, or WTH to do with it when I was done, and then some amazing things (and more amazing people) happened in my life and I took a big’ol leap of faith and threw a little piece of my heart out for others to see…

Fear of the UNKNOWN kept me wondering, ‘is it good enough?’ and as I have said here before, I know there are flaws but I am not without them myself,so flaws are part of the package….

The piece of my heart that I shared has given me more joy… the responses from my friends and family have been fun, thrilling, exciting, and leave me smiling… but here’s the thing (and a fear)…

These people love me, they know me, and they know my heart…

Someone bought the book on Amazon and reviewed it and the review left me bawling [actually a total of 18 ‘someones’ so far, but who’s counting….(ME!!!)]

Mrs. Richard H from John’s Island, Seychelles* – I LOVE YOU!

You know nothing about me and you liked my book 5 stars worth!

I will tell all you wannabe’s – if there’s a song in your heart – SING IT! If there’s an image, PAINT IT or PHOTOGRAPH IT, if there’s a book in your heart – WRITE IT!

I was on Pintrest (seriously I go there to look and have found pictures to add to the storyboard for up and coming adventures in a book) and I saw this and I have to share it….

¬†mine scare the hell out of me…

Well, my friends, it’s another day to go to the ¬†JO B, but I don’t think I can allow anything or anyone to wipe the smile off my face today…

Love, Barbara

I had to google* that too! I LOVE GOOGLE! ha!