quiet… I’m working!
i just didn’t want those who check in to think I dropped off the earth. It’s a busy week – my co-worker/partner in crime at The Manor is on vacation and I’ve gone in early, and I’m whooooooped when I get in.
I come in and do the “drop and flop” and write some, edit some, and ponder and research some.

I’ve mentioned her here before and I am sure you will see her name again, but I have to tell a tale on my good friend, my ENCOURAGER, JMac…

I can always tell when the full-moon is approaching – it’s FRIDAY (FYI) – things get crazy… things get weird… things get emotional… things get…. well you know where I’m going here…

I get a txt yesterday from Jmac asking for directions on how I take my lil’mini vacations in the middle of the day…. part of it made me smile. but part of it made me sad because I couldn’t get her there…

My sanity breaks – my mini-vacations – are get-aways in my head where i drift away to my happy place… thinking about characters I’m traveling with right now and how to share their journey with you. Sometimes it’s a scrap of paper where I start with the ‘twenty things’ that I can think about to make their journey better, things that I can think about to make them more real and tell their story.

Find your mini-vacation and go there to FREE YOUR MIND… and the rest will follow… (I think there’s a song there…)

I want to share one thing that’s helping me be better – I have an iPhone and I’ve downloaded some free books that I’m reading, trying to learn from others, see how they do what they do, and if I read a paragraph I like, that takes me away, that gives me a clear vision, I take a screen shot and later I will take notes on what it was that made that stand out, sometimes it’s just a word…

I downloaded one that I want to share because it kept my heart racing the whole time I was reading… it’s a suspense with a love story…

ENEMIES and PLAYMATES ~ Darcia Hello

Give it a look – it’s still be a free download… (today)

OK – must get ready for work.
Have a beautiful day friends!
Love, Barbara

Free Your Mind y’all…

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I'm Barbara and I read. I'm Barbara and I write! :) I'm still learning and I believe each word I read, and each that I write show that I am learning my craft.

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  1. Jmac(Jennifer) says:

    I tried so hard to get to that happy place yesterday, but even with your help…I just wasnt landing on the right runway. I started work today with a prayer and can only hope my God leads me on the right path. I am so blessed to have you as a friend, Babs…..The sun is shining and since I am still here to see it, I will SMILE today! Mucho love to you and thank you for YOUR encouragement, too!

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