Moanday quickie…

OK.. get your mind back to the blog… I didn’t mean THAT kind of quickie… ha!

I stayed busy all weekend! I could live on 3 day weekends… just sayin’! 🙂

I’ve read a lot this weekend – looking at other’s style and finding some things I like and some I don’t. And OBTW – I’ve found – shocking – TYPOS in other’s work, work published through traditional publishing channels, not self-published, so I don’t feel quite so bad about the ones that we missed. Sweet Surrender was a TRIAL RUN, and I know I’ve learned a lot already… and there is much ahead…

I wanted to tell you about another book I just finished. Cute story that reminded me A LOT of my favorite, author Adrianna Trigiani. It was one of those family stories that you relate to – nutcases, needy people, hysterical scenes that make you LOL!  (JudyG if you see this check it out!)

FYI – As of this AM it is still a free download for my Kindle friends.

Speaking of Kindle – March was a good month – we ended up with over 10824 downloads (includes free, ‘borrowed’ and sold). That means my book is in over 11,000 hands! WHAT A GIFT!

Feedback on Amazon – 1 ugly review, 1 with constructive feedback and the rest positive, and I’ve had several e:mails with positive responses, and one ‘I’m intrigued to read the next one”.

All in all – I’m a happy girl!

I am still Rock and Rolling, but I’ve stalled… I’ll keep you posted…

OK, back to the real world – the J O B beckons and ‘STFU’ isn’t stopping the call… And I have TWENTY THINGS in my head that I need to get down on paper before I head out… So off I go!

Love, Barbara




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