The cover up….


No, there’s no crime…

Just thought I’d share some of what I’m working on with you, a few lines from Rock and Roll Never Forgets, – to tease you… To help explain the quilt from Sunday…

That Willow Tree figurine makes me think of my Mamaw and those thoughts are throughout the book. She and my mom, Alis, were very present in Sweet Surrender as well. My family and friends will find them and experiences with them in what I’m writing now…

Anyway… something that warms me… Excerpts from ‘Rock and Roll’:

“She had journals that she kept over the years. She shared them with me and I read them over, and over. They helped tell the story, in her words. She referred to all those journal entries as the quilt she called her life. It was a glimpse into how she felt, thought, and dreamed during those times.”

“I used her journals, the many conversations we shared, and conversations with her family and friends to pull together pieces from everything I learned, and piece together a quilt of my own. The journals were so full of heart, warmth, and passion. I used ‘pieces’ of them in the story that follows.”

“There was a card that read ‘When you sleep under a quilt, you sleep under a blanket of love’.”

“The quilts were a bond that brought them together. They saved every scrap of fabric from everything they ever made. Each pattern has a meaning. I love the one I have on my bed now. I run my hands over it, see the colors, and each piece of fabric reminds me of something. They are filled with memories and stories. All of that is on my mind now.”

Enough for now…I must get ready for work…

I hope this will make you wonder about ‘THE QUILT’…

Love, Barbara


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2 thoughts on “The cover up….

  1. Judy G. says:

    This is a beautiful tribute to the sentimental value of quilts. In our throwaway society we don’t seem to have many sentimental things left. Music is my sentimental connection to my brother.

  2. barbarastewart says:

    I love this comment… and I can’t wait for you to read more about the quilt…

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