I’m baaaaaaaaack…

Greetings friends,
I had to take a mental hiatus and it was GLORIOUS!

I took Friday and Monday as vacation days and today was a medical day for a skin cancer test I am doing with the research department at my dermatologist’s office. I’m a skin cancer survivor and am participating in a treatment for precancerous keratosis. This is something that means a great deal to me.

Anyway, what was I sayin’? Oh, about time away from the J O B. Friday Geno and I took off with no particular destination and ended up at a little restaurant about 50 miles away and I had the BEST grouper sandwich! We have been flying by the seat of our pants since then, but I didn’t leave my dream behind…

I snuck in some editing and some writing, and I ENJOYED IT – MUCH!

I also read a lot, I posted here, previously, that I am trying to READ some other writers work so that I can learn style and see what I like and what I don’t (it’s a JOURNEY!) and I enjoyed being in someone else’s head…. Gene did say ‘you need to quick reading and think’ – slave driver! ha ha!  I told him I was doing RESEARCH!

He really wants me to work to have Rock and Roll Never Forgets ready to go by my birthday (7/13), but it’s gonna be a stretch…

I must git’along lil’doggies’, I just didn’t want you to think I’d dropped off the face of the earth…

So happy to share this with you!

Love, Barbara





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I'm Barbara and I read. I'm Barbara and I write! :) I'm still learning and I believe each word I read, and each that I write show that I am learning my craft.

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