Moanday quickie…

OK.. get your mind back to the blog… I didn’t mean THAT kind of quickie… ha!

I stayed busy all weekend! I could live on 3 day weekends… just sayin’! ūüôā

I’ve read a lot this weekend¬†– looking at other’s style and finding some things I like and some I don’t. And OBTW – I’ve found – shocking – TYPOS in other’s work, work¬†published through traditional publishing channels, not self-published, so I don’t feel quite so bad about the ones that we missed. Sweet Surrender was a TRIAL RUN, and I know I’ve learned a lot already… and there is much ahead…

I wanted to tell you about another book I just finished. Cute story that reminded me A LOT of my favorite, author Adrianna Trigiani. It was one of those family stories that you relate to Рnutcases, needy people, hysterical scenes that make you LOL!  (JudyG if you see this check it out!)

FYI – As of this AM it is still a free download for my Kindle friends.

Speaking of Kindle – March was a good month – we ended up with over 10824 downloads (includes free, ‘borrowed’ and sold). That means my book is in over 11,000 hands! WHAT A GIFT!

Feedback on Amazon – 1 ugly review, 1 with constructive feedback and the rest positive, and I’ve had several e:mails with positive responses, and one ‘I’m intrigued to read the next one”.

All in all – I’m a happy girl!

I am still Rock and Rolling, but I’ve stalled… I’ll keep you posted…

OK, back to the real world – the J O B beckons and ‘STFU’ isn’t stopping the call… And I have TWENTY THINGS in my head that I need to get down on paper before I head out… So off I go!

Love, Barbara





quiet… I’m working!
i just didn’t want those who check in to think I dropped off the earth. It’s a busy week – my co-worker/partner in crime at The Manor is on vacation and I’ve gone in early, and I’m whooooooped when I get in.
I¬†come in and do the “drop and flop” and write some, edit some, and ponder and research some.

I’ve mentioned her here before and I am sure you will see her name again, but I have to tell a tale on my good friend, my ENCOURAGER, JMac…

I can always tell when the full-moon is approaching – it’s FRIDAY (FYI) – things get crazy… things get weird… things get emotional… things get…. well you know where I’m going here…

I get a txt yesterday from Jmac asking for directions on how I take my lil’mini vacations in the middle of the day…. part of it made me smile. but part of it made me sad because I couldn’t get her there…

My sanity breaks – my mini-vacations – are get-aways in my head where i drift away to my happy place… thinking about characters I’m traveling with right now and how to share their journey with you. Sometimes it’s a scrap of paper where I start with the ‘twenty things’ that I can think about to make their journey better, things that I can think about to make them more real and tell their story.

Find your mini-vacation and go there to FREE YOUR MIND… and the rest will follow… (I think there’s a song there…)

I want to share one thing that’s¬†helping me be better – I have an iPhone and I’ve downloaded some free books that I’m reading, trying to learn from others, see how they do what they do, and if I read a paragraph I like, that takes me away, that gives me a clear vision, I take a screen shot and later I will take notes on what it was that made that stand out, sometimes it’s just a word…

I downloaded one that I want to share because it kept my heart racing the whole time I was reading… it’s a suspense with a love story…

ENEMIES and PLAYMATES ~ Darcia Hello

Give it a look – it’s still be a free download… (today)

OK – must get ready for work.
Have a beautiful day friends!
Love, Barbara

Free Your Mind y’all…