I feel my AADD kicking in… it’s that thing where I start something and in the middle of that I think of something else and drift away, only to start something completely different. Later, I find myself back at the starting point of my tasks and say to myself, ‘WHO THE HELL LEFT THIS MESS HERE?!’ I’ve accomplished one thing I set out to do but the aftermath remains and here I sit! HA!!!

I had a personal note today that someone else just finished Sweet Surrender and I did a screen shot so I will add it here later, hoping for an Amazon review (hint hint). And FYI, Geno, cuz I know you read this, ‘LATER’ only means ‘NOT NOW’, no specific timeframe! ha ha!

It still makes me smile (and I LOVE THAT) when people point out things in the book that hits home for them and it’s different for everyone (and I LOVE THAT)! If you’ve read it and haven’t shared your thoughts with me – the good, the bad and the ugly – I CAN TAKE IT) I would love to hear from you, what ‘jumped off a page’ for you?

I don’t know why, but this year Mother’s Day has my ‘rememberer’ working, drifting…

‘Anyway, what was I sayin’… I seem to have lost my place again…’ (my Perry peeps will get that!)

I was looking for another way to say something – a different word to use for something I’m writing. My goodness, there are so many things you can find on google and in my search I found this site (not sharing, so that y’all can wonder where I came up with words in my writing and think ‘wow, she’s good!’) and I found this word that I LOVE – it’s my new favorite word…

Scriptitation – ‘continual writing’…

So TODAY, I will move on to the next task, which is cleaning up from the first one (HA!!!) and accomplish a few more things here and get back to my scriptitation. (I LIKE THAT WORD!)

Y’all have a BEAUTIFUL day – accomplish something!

Love, Barbara

(p.s…. if you are still blessed enough to have your mommy, give them an extra hug for me…)


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