You’ve got me thinkin’…

… thoughts in my head!

OK – I needed a Casey James ‘fix’ and it worked with my thoughts…

Shoulda could woulda…

I SHOULDA done editing… I COULDA, really…. I’m tired, brain on overload and if I WOULDA I might be doing it again later… so…. passing tonight!

I want a CLEAR head so I’ll do it in the AM, but I gotta tell ya…

I’m soooooooooooooo BLESSED by the people in my life….

One of my Beta readers (don’t ask… I’m NOT telling!) has my brain going… ‘how the heck do I miss that! How did that happen?!!’ She’s got me ‘thinkin’ thoughts in my head!’ ha ha! She CHALLENGES ME!

And I AM SOOOOOOO GLAD I asked her to do this! Everyone looks for, and FINDS, something different! This is just gonna make it GOODER and I can’t wait!

(don’t correct me – I like GOODER bettah then BETTER!!!)

So, though… I am not living Casey’s lyrics… I’ll soon be calling it a night so I can get up a lil’earlier in the AM and EDIT!!!!


Blessed beyond words…

Love, Barbara


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I'm Barbara and I read. I'm Barbara and I write! :) I'm still learning and I believe each word I read, and each that I write show that I am learning my craft.

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