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Now that I have your attention….. : ) hee hee hee!

In anticipation of the release of Rock and Roll Never Forgets (Shooting for sometime in August), and… My BIRTHDAY gift to YOU…

I’ve lowered the price of the Kindle edition of Sweet Surrender to $0.99 and the paper back version to $6.95 – the Kindle change has already been updated. The book price should show the change by Sunday.

Please share this info. Thank you!

And if you have read Sweet Surrender and liked it, would you please go on Amazon and rate it, honestly? If you have ever bought anything on Amazon, it will allow you to rate it even if you didn’t get it Amazon. Thank you for helping me with this, I’m trying to get things in place for Rock and Roll and this will help.

Thank you, again, for traveling this journey with me!

Love, Barbara


With sugar on top…..

I’m excited to find a new HONEST review on Amazon this AM!
This is all still new to me and with Sweet Surrender I was testing MY waters, not yours so much… I needed to see for myself what I could do and I’m pleased by where it took me! The whole process was such a learning experience for me. I took a blank piece of paper, and blank mind, and created a story from start to finish, (self) published it and gained the confidence to do something with the one that I’ve been working on for 10 years….

But some of you have told me…
“It’s too sweet…”
I wasn’t ready to throw caution completely to the wind, my brave-heart WAS NOT QUITE READY FOR butt-heads and sex – I keep hearing that I need to read 50 Shades of Gray to help me write sex scenes – not even ready to step my tippy-toes into that water. I hope with each story I share with you that I EVOLVE more and more…

In the same light, though…. some people told me that they liked SS because it DIDN’T GO OVER THE TOP WITH SEX – I like that – I wanted them to ‘make love’, because ‘sweet’ helped Delaney open up to a life she held back from.

I will tell you that Rock and Roll Never Forgets has a bit of a cad, sometimes butt-head,  male character… and a life not so perfect as someone who shared thoughts with me about SS said. And…. who knows what kind of path Delaney and Logan traveled after SS ended. I don’t even know that, yet! R&R won’t answer that for you, but several people ask me if I will let them know about them in a future book – you know what that means – SOMEONE WANTS THAT STORY TO CONTINUE!

Update on R&R – going through edits (not too many so far) I want this one closer to PERFECT because this story goes on and I will want to see feedback like, ‘I can’t wait for the next one!’ I am talking with someone n a cover and am EXCITED with that process! So that speed bump I shared with you the other day………… NOT SUCH A BIG BUMP AFTER ALL.

Thank you for sharing this with me, believing in me and asking me “how much longer?”

I can’t wait for the next ‘chapter’!

Love, Barbara


P.S. – for those who have asked – I’m not exploring distribution through any outlet beside Amazon and Kindle with Sweet Surrender. I will be with Rock and Roll. To my friends with Nook… sorry : )


A quickie…

NOT what you are thinking!

I just wanted to check in to let you know that the speed bump isn’t quite so ominous – there may be an answer – and I’m once again excited – wait… EXCITED!

The proof book checking is in process! One is on the way to someone for a NEW set of eyes, and I’m waiting to meet up with someone else to give it a look over.


Most of the issues are LAYOUT – margins, need to add blank pages, that kind of thing. The corrections/typos/fact checks are minor to what I expected, (SITES or SIGHTS – either would work, but it was the SIGHTS I wanted to see). I have to tell you it’s QUITE different to see it on a page than on the Word document. I was reading last night and all of a sudden THREE words jumped off the page at me in three paragraphs…
‘When they returned…’
Hello???? WHY DIDN’T I SEE THAT BEFORE… But I did, and it’s been changed.

One more update – I am four chapters into the next book… good chapters, written words, not what I call ‘scribbles’.

OK.. I said what I wanted to say and now I must go get to work!

I’ll keep you posted on progress!

Have a beautiful day my friends!

Love, Barbara

Here I Am…

It’s just a bump in the road…

It’s not a STOP… it’s a speed bump… maybe it’s God’s way of saying WHOA! You were trying to go too fast.

I got the proof copy and so far it’s looking good.  I have two people lined up to read and help look for typos (THIS WILL BE BETTER THAN SWEET SURRENDER!) So, getting over that first bump looks fairly easy. It appears the LARGEST, but it’s NOT…

The second bump has a little more work, but it’s another easy one to get over – got some layout changes to make and some that I need help with, but all in all – MINOR…

Now, about that third bump…. gotta think and pray for how to go forward, cuz even though it seems smaller in the picture, the closer this bump is in reality it’s a BIG’UN!

My cover is the big bump – not gonna share the one that’s on it now for the proof copy because I KNOW it’s not the one – it was a cover I had to put on it to get it printed. I can tell you a story, my brain works well that way – I CAN’T SEE what the cover of the book looks like… I keep trying, but I haven’t got it and now I need to figure out a Plan B…  I’ve made a list of the KEY things in the story and went looking at clip art, but I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THE HECK TO DO WITH IT…. I will figure it out, it’s just going to take a little longer and as I said…

It’s not a STOP… it’s a speed bump… maybe it’s God’s way of saying WHOA! You were trying to go too fast.

I might not look like this… 

But I won’t let this happen…


It’s JUST a bump in the road, and when I look really closely – that fourth speed bump is NON-EXISTENT!

Have a beautiful day my friends!

Love, Barbara



Chapter One (A tease)

I said I would share a little bit of R&R – This is all you get – you’ll have to wait for what comes next!


Love, Barbara


Chapter ~ One

September, 29, 2001

Beth lay awake, alone in her thoughts, finally alone. She was on her side, looking around, not really seeing anything but the wall across the room. It was quiet except for the whir of the air conditioning.
It was late afternoon and there was no light on to illuminate the room. From the window she could see outside. The October sky was dusky, the sun was setting below the window level, and the room was gray. She thought about how appropriate the color gray was. There was no black and white now, there was just that place in between. ‘Gray,’ she thought.
She closed her eyes for a moment, allowing her mind to drift away. As it did it took her a million different places, a lifetime of places. She had so much to think about, plans to make… details. She tried to focus, to make her mind think forward, but the past kept flashing in pictures, like fast-moving frames from a slide-show.
She knew what she wanted, what she needed, she just needed a plan to make it happen. As she lay there waiting, thinking about what she needed to do she remembered…

~ ~ ~

Beth Morgan and Kimmy Jones were best friends. They’d known each other for sixteen years. Beth was a twenty-two year old working-girl and part-time student. The two were always looking for fun, and this night they were anxious, about to see their favorite band, ‘up close and personal’.

June 24, 1978 ~ ‘Back stage passes for Traveler! Somebody pinch me!’

The two young-woman stood at the Will-Call at the arena in Orlando waiting; giggling as they watched the crowd shuffling into the arena, excited to see their favorite band, Traveler’s, Timeless Tour. Kimmy’s cousin, Mark Jones, had taken over as drummer for the band a few months ago after a shake-up in their roster. Together they released their first album, Timeless, in March, and were touring. He’d left tickets and back-stage passes for them.

“I can’t even believe we are here!” Beth said excitedly.
“I can’t believe that Mark is in the band!” Kimmy yelled.

Finally, a security guard arrived to escort them to a packed back-stage room; the area where Mark was waiting to introduce them to the band members. The whole idea of him being part of their favorite band was just thrilling. When they arrived, he greeted them with hugs and conversation as the other band members were making their way into the room. Mark introduced them to Nigel Rose, the bass guitarist, Nathan Perry, the keyboardist, and Dane Allen the guitar player. After a few minutes, Mark and Kimmy wandered off to mingle. Beth was talking and laughing with Nathan. She looked up when she saw him, and in a moment, her life was forever changed.



I’ve been up since 3:30 – could NOT sleep – there were a few ‘gremlins’ – ‘boogers’ – ‘dingleberries’ – ‘cling ons’ – that I was OVER fighting with last night… a pot of coffee, PERSEVERANCE and a tad of WTH and…….

I just finished uploading the proof copy of ROCK AND ROLL NEVER FORGETS!!!!!

SO EXCITED I could just pee! (could be the coffee, but I’m going with SO EXCITED!)

Two days and I should get the OK to have the proof shipped to me – I CAN’T WAIT TO HOLD IT IN MY HANDS!!! There are things that I know I will change after we review it – I did NOT add the ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS yet, because I’m not done with them… and the page numbers are NOT added because after I add the acknowledgements they will change – but I should have a BOOK to read, review and tweak as needed in my hands in about a week!  SO EXCITED!!!!

I can’t wait to share Andy and Bethy, and their journey with YOU!

Have a beautiful day my friends!!

Love, Barbara


“Slowly I turned…step by step…inch by inch…”

… and finally….

I had it! I knew I had it! I was ready to tackle that thing that eluded me… that thing that caused me grief… but alas… the damn thing jumped back up and got me again! MARTHA! (watch the clip if you want to understand MARTHA!)


I figured out how to get the author name on the odd pages, and it carried through to the end of the book! MARTHA! But the book title – nope… so I deleted and started again and started on the even pages – same thing, title carries through out the book but not the author on the odd… GRRRRRRRR….. I can get one or the other but not both – WTH?


So I’m taking the laptop to see my friend JMac in the AM and see if we can get it right…

If you didn’t see it on facebook I posted something yesterday that brought tears to my eyes. I posted here a while back that I took a book to Melbourne with me and left it at the cemetery for my Mom. Well, I had a message from someone special who went to “visit” Mom and Dad and…

The book was still there! I can’t tell you how happy that makes me. Gene figured someone would take it, or that the mowing crew would throw it away…

And, without going back and re-reading earlier posts, I can’t remember if I’ve shared the title to book two of the Rock and Roll trilogy with you… I’ve made some progress with When I Look to the Sky while I’m stuck with the header thang!

Enjoy your weekend friends!