“Slowly I turned…step by step…inch by inch…”

… and finally….

I had it! I knew I had it! I was ready to tackle that thing that eluded me… that thing that caused me grief… but alas… the damn thing jumped back up and got me again! MARTHA! (watch the clip if you want to understand MARTHA!)


I figured out how to get the author name on the odd pages, and it carried through to the end of the book! MARTHA! But the book title – nope… so I deleted and started again and started on the even pages – same thing, title carries through out the book but not the author on the odd… GRRRRRRRR….. I can get one or the other but not both – WTH?


So I’m taking the laptop to see my friend JMac in the AM and see if we can get it right…

If you didn’t see it on facebook I posted something yesterday that brought tears to my eyes. I posted here a while back that I took a book to Melbourne with me and left it at the cemetery for my Mom. Well, I had a message from someone special who went to “visit” Mom and Dad and…

The book was still there! I can’t tell you how happy that makes me. Gene figured someone would take it, or that the mowing crew would throw it away…

And, without going back and re-reading earlier posts, I can’t remember if I’ve shared the title to book two of the Rock and Roll trilogy with you… I’ve made some progress with When I Look to the Sky while I’m stuck with the header thang!

Enjoy your weekend friends!


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