Chapter One (A tease)

I said I would share a little bit of R&R – This is all you get – you’ll have to wait for what comes next!


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Chapter ~ One

September, 29, 2001

Beth lay awake, alone in her thoughts, finally alone. She was on her side, looking around, not really seeing anything but the wall across the room. It was quiet except for the whir of the air conditioning.
It was late afternoon and there was no light on to illuminate the room. From the window she could see outside. The October sky was dusky, the sun was setting below the window level, and the room was gray. She thought about how appropriate the color gray was. There was no black and white now, there was just that place in between. ‘Gray,’ she thought.
She closed her eyes for a moment, allowing her mind to drift away. As it did it took her a million different places, a lifetime of places. She had so much to think about, plans to make… details. She tried to focus, to make her mind think forward, but the past kept flashing in pictures, like fast-moving frames from a slide-show.
She knew what she wanted, what she needed, she just needed a plan to make it happen. As she lay there waiting, thinking about what she needed to do she remembered…

~ ~ ~

Beth Morgan and Kimmy Jones were best friends. They’d known each other for sixteen years. Beth was a twenty-two year old working-girl and part-time student. The two were always looking for fun, and this night they were anxious, about to see their favorite band, ‘up close and personal’.

June 24, 1978 ~ ‘Back stage passes for Traveler! Somebody pinch me!’

The two young-woman stood at the Will-Call at the arena in Orlando waiting; giggling as they watched the crowd shuffling into the arena, excited to see their favorite band, Traveler’s, Timeless Tour. Kimmy’s cousin, Mark Jones, had taken over as drummer for the band a few months ago after a shake-up in their roster. Together they released their first album, Timeless, in March, and were touring. He’d left tickets and back-stage passes for them.

“I can’t even believe we are here!” Beth said excitedly.
“I can’t believe that Mark is in the band!” Kimmy yelled.

Finally, a security guard arrived to escort them to a packed back-stage room; the area where Mark was waiting to introduce them to the band members. The whole idea of him being part of their favorite band was just thrilling. When they arrived, he greeted them with hugs and conversation as the other band members were making their way into the room. Mark introduced them to Nigel Rose, the bass guitarist, Nathan Perry, the keyboardist, and Dane Allen the guitar player. After a few minutes, Mark and Kimmy wandered off to mingle. Beth was talking and laughing with Nathan. She looked up when she saw him, and in a moment, her life was forever changed.

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  1. TAMMY AUSTIN says:

    Awesome!!! Can’t wait to get into the whole story!! Sounds like another great story!!! Sooooo proud of you!!!!

  2. Sue Bevins says:

    Sounds good so far you tease you one chapter and that is it. Can’t wait to read the whole book. We are so proud of you.

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