With sugar on top…..

I’m excited to find a new HONEST review on Amazon this AM!
This is all still new to me and with Sweet Surrender I was testing MY waters, not yours so much… I needed to see for myself what I could do and I’m pleased by where it took me! The whole process was such a learning experience for me. I took a blank piece of paper, and blank mind, and created a story from start to finish, (self) published it and gained the confidence to do something with the one that I’ve been working on for 10 years….

But some of you have told me…
“It’s too sweet…”
I wasn’t ready to throw caution completely to the wind, my brave-heart WAS NOT QUITE READY FOR butt-heads and sex – I keep hearing that I need to read 50 Shades of Gray to help me write sex scenes – not even ready to step my tippy-toes into that water. I hope with each story I share with you that I EVOLVE more and more…

In the same light, though…. some people told me that they liked SS because it DIDN’T GO OVER THE TOP WITH SEX – I like that – I wanted them to ‘make love’, because ‘sweet’ helped Delaney open up to a life she held back from.

I will tell you that Rock and Roll Never Forgets has a bit of a cad, sometimes butt-head, ┬ámale character… and a life not so perfect as someone who shared thoughts with me about SS said. And…. who knows what kind of path Delaney and Logan traveled after SS ended. I don’t even know that, yet! R&R won’t answer that for you, but several people ask me if I will let them know about them in a future book – you know what that means – SOMEONE WANTS THAT STORY TO CONTINUE!

Update on R&R – going through edits (not too many so far) I want this one closer to PERFECT because this story goes on and I will want to see feedback like, ‘I can’t wait for the next one!’ I am talking with someone n a cover and am EXCITED with that process! So that speed bump I shared with you the other day………… NOT SUCH A BIG BUMP AFTER ALL.

Thank you for sharing this with me, believing in me and asking me “how much longer?”

I can’t wait for the next ‘chapter’!

Love, Barbara


P.S. – for those who have asked – I’m not exploring distribution through any outlet beside Amazon and Kindle with Sweet Surrender. I will be with Rock and Roll. To my friends with Nook… sorry : )


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  1. Wendy says:

    I think your SS book was good and the “sex” in it was sweet. I don’t like to read books that all they talk about is “sex”. Thanks for keeping it “Sweet”!!

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