Pride and Joy – MY BOOK

I keep saying that music is what inspires me, now you know… even in my blogs!

I’ve not been feeling well the last couple of days and I’ve had plenty time to reflect on my latest journey, and now…. I’ve rested so much that I can’t sleep, so I thought I’d corral some of those thoughts and add them here.

I’ve heard that the first book’s been delivered! (LIKE LIKE LOVE!!!) I haven’t received mine yet! But then, I ordered several (and or many)! I AM EXCITED to get feed back!!!! (and nervous and anxious, and oh, just a gazillion other emotions!!!) But the two biggest emotions for me really are… PRIDE AND JOY.

Pride that I did it. I had to be pushed a little because I stopped myself. I had to be pushed some more because it ‘didn’t fit’. Pushed a little harder because I was unsure of myself, because I didn’t write what everyone else writes, but all of that made me stronger and I will wait now to see what’s next… BUT I’M STILL WRITING… Book Two (When I Look To The Sky) is coming along and even when I READ what I’ve written, I see so much growth.

And I feel JOY that those who have read it with me in these last months liked (LOVED) what I had to share and that they can’t wait for more. I can’t either!

I can’t wait to hear more… and I am ready for those who won’t like it, because, as I’ve said before, I’ve read plenty of books that I couldn’t finish, or ‘didn’t get’; it’s taste, and opinion, and not everyone has the same…

My cover designer friend  🙂  shared an article with me from one of his favorite authors and said that the excerpt below made him think of me. I’ve read it over and over and the words in bold really hit home for me. I’ve been told so many things that my book isn’t. Now, I know what it really is…. MY BOOK...

When author Jay Bell was asked, ‘What three pieces of advise would you give an aspiring writer who wants to be published?’ his reply was this: “Don’t take no for an answer. Agents and publishers might join the industry because of a love for books, but at the end of the day, they need to make money. Unfortunately, this means they focus on publishing what they perceive as marketable and profitable. A lot of original voices used to get culled by this process, but now with self-publishing, we all have a chance to be heard. The audience votes with their wallet. Focus on writing the best story you can. If a publisher wants it, great. If not, don’t let that stop you.

I’ll stick with my way…. and I love you for sticking with me.

The LOOK INSIDE feature on Amazon should be up soon, and I’ve uploaded it to a site that is converting to eBook format and will be available on Kindle, Nook, iBooks and several other eReader outlets soon (most say about 4 weeks for availability). I will let you know as I find out when they are ready and where.

Pictures of the cover, front, back and the flat of both are on my photo page if you haven’t seen the finished product yet. (MORE PRIDE AND JOY!) I’m working on some things and will keep you posted.

Thank you again for sharing this incredible experience with me.

Love, Barbara

It’s Only Rock and Roll, but I like it!

(I’m going to see how many song titles, lyrics, etc I can use on this post! ha ha!)

“Once upon a midnight dreary
I woke with something in my head” (BluesTraveler)

That really IS the way it happened, and here we are almost 10 years later, ready to go with that ‘something’! It’s been a LONG AND WINDING ROAD (Beatles)

and I am so excited to take one more LEAP OF FAITH!

So, “Get ready, cuz here I come!”

I am so happy to finally share, Bethy, Andy, and Traveler with you! Rock and Roll Never Forgets is FINALLY ready for print!

It will be available at other outlets soon, but this is it for now. I’ll let you know when I get word that it’s ready.

It’s been a journey I wouldn’t trade for anything! This book has given me so many gifts already! AWESOME new friendships, friends who I found were EVEN MORE SPECIAL to me because they believed in my journey, confidence and belief in ME!

I’m so proud of this! And while we were designing a cover and developing a great kinship, my cover designer told me that he loves books that “don’t fit the mold”… This is that book…

It’s Fifty Shades of Nothing… It’s not a book that has a cover with a sexy looking couple… It’s a FICTIONAL MEMOIR and I hope you find that if you read it. But it’s still Rock and Roll to me!

The second book is a work in progress and there may be a short story coming soon as well.

Thank you for sharing this with me!

It’s been the TIME OF MY LIFE! (Green day)

I am so happy to give this gift to you!

Love, Barbara

and now we wait…

“In process”
“Files are being reviewed”
“Review will be complete in approximately 48 hours”

JOY – JOY – JOY!!!’

More soon….
Love, Barbara

another day…..

…and I can’t sleep…

So very much to be excited about!
So much to be nervous about….
So much to be thankful for…
So much to be proud of….

Just so much that my head and my heart are full…

Oh, and I wanted to share a fun email I got on Tuesday! I opened it on my phone and did a screen shot! ha ha!

Have a beautiful day – I’m gonna make it that way because I don’t think anyone can bring me down today… I kinda feel………. BULLETPROOF!

Love, Barbara

Thank you!

Just a quick update on a great weekend this morning!

There were 7735 of the free downloads for SWEET SURRENDER over the weekend!

I broke into the TOP 100 list on Amazon at #80 and made it to #41!! (and #13 on the Contemporary Romance list!)

I had a new review and a LOT of new LIKES!

I appreciate all of you who helped share the information for the free download – there are now almost 20,000 of my book in circulation!

Oh! And I am making a plan to meet with “the guy” on the cover soon – September 1, 2012 is looking good for LAUNCH!

Thank you again for believing in me!

Love, Barbara


Happy Dance!

Good morning my friends!
I’m happy to tell you that the (2nd) FREE DOWNLOAD WEEKEND for my first book, SWEET SURRENDER is going well! Just a little over halfway thru the promo and over 2700 downloads. It will go until midnight west coast time tonight.

AND…………. I just broke into the TOP 100 FREE DOWNLOADS!

I found a couple of ways to share it this time and after 10,000 downloads last time I’m excited to see this response!

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for sharing my link and passing the word! (did I say THANK YOU?!)

I can’t even put into words (well, I could… ha ha!) how excited I am right now! I did the FREE download again because we are soooooo close to Rock and Roll Never Forgets being a reality! It’s been a little over a year since I got EXCITED about it again and pulled it out of the closet…. (BOY AM I GLAD I DID!) It’s almost there, and I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!!


I did this weekend “gift” to get my name, as an author, out there again… I hope that everyone who reads/read Sweet Surrender will read Rock and Roll and say… WOW! SHE’S COME A LONG WAY! I think I have…

I really can’t thank you enough for BELIEVING IN ME….

Love, Barbara