New chapters…..

Greetings world!

Today is a beautiful, special day and I’m excited to share a NEW CHAPTER with a good, good friend! Today my friend Wendy is marrying her love, Jason… I posted on her wall on FaceBook – ‘This is where your book begins…’ And as I think about those words I wonder…

Will something that happens today be a CHAPTER in a story that comes in the future? It’s kind of a joke now – when something fun happens, someone says “there’s a chapter there”! And my friend Melissa tagged me in a picture that said something like “Careful, you may end up in my next book”   🙂

I do keep notes on my notepad on my phone, so who knows! I love that thought! I’m working on a short-story, a suggestion to do for a Kindle download between Rock and Roll and book two to keep my name out there, and I have two friends reading it now – just to see if the story works – and I was discussing the ideas with one of them and the question came up, “was this YOUR experience?”

As I thought about my response, I visualized one of my dad’s breakfast concoctions… He threw stuff together and as ugly as it was sometimes – it was always the best tasting thing we ever ate – THAT’S WHERE MY STORIES COME FROM! I see, remember and gather from memories and my surroundings, and then I sprinkle my ideas through that and hope that whatever comes out is one of “the best tasting things” you’ve had in a while!


Well, I have some primping to do  – I’m going to a wedding y’all!!!

Be well, be blessed and be happy!

Love, Barbara


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2 thoughts on “New chapters…..

  1. Wendy says:

    Awww… you should know anything sweet is going to make me cry today – and this (at 8:10 am) is already number 7 I think. I sure HOPE you get some wonderful story ideas today… you already wrote about our honeymoon, so maybe now you can write about our family or an anniversary trip or something!! Love you so very much my friend – cannot wait to see you today!!!

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