Calling all SWEET SURRENDER readers…

I confess, I haven’t written ten words in the last two weeks, trying to learn how to promote Rock and Roll Never Forgets and am learning a lot. The biggest lesson learned is that I NEED YOU.

The biggest tool that I find to help a new author is a review on AMAZON. The Sweet Surrender reviews will move people toward the information on the new book. May I ask you to PLEASE go to the site and tell the world what you thought – I am providing the link for your convenience. BE HONEST – it wasn’t perfect so don’t say it was. If there was something you LOVED, shout it out (but don’t give anything away!) If you see need for IMPROVEMENT, tell what it is (be nice! ha ha!) I can take it – I had a 1 star rating that said they couldn’t get past Chapter Three and I’m still good with that. I don’t like everything I’ve read, I don’t expect the whole world to love me – although I fail to see why they wouldn’t! ha ha!

If you’ve ever bought anything on AMAZON.COM you can go on and rate the book, even if you didn’t buy it there.

I’m asking for your help to move toward the next leg of my journey. I appreciate you, and your feedback!


Thanks and gratitude, Barbara

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I'm Barbara and I read. I'm Barbara and I write! :) I'm still learning and I believe each word I read, and each that I write show that I am learning my craft.

One thought on “I NEED YOU!

  1. Faye Hicks says:

    Hey Barbara – looks like we’re in the same boat – maybe we can read and review each other’s books? I have a book review blog (link above) – perhaps you can contact me through there and we can exchange books…
    Here’s a link to my book:
    Best regards,
    Faye H.

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