A New Year…

…a new RE-solution!

I’ve said it this way for a long time. I don’t do resolutions because I break them, but if I think about it as a RE-solution it’s a different perspective. I’m not making a promise to myself to change this or that – I’m thinking about a SOLUTION to what I already know needs to have focus – a RE-solution! I know what to do – so I’m going to DO IT….

A motivational speaker – Jon Gordon – came to my work a while back and now our desktop screen savers carry little messages of the theme of his talk – Viva la vida – Life is life – LIVE the life – Long live life – Livelihood…

One of the screen savers tells us to pick one word to focus on to change our lives. Here’s Mr. Gordon’s blog on the subject:


As I read this and thought about it this morning, way too many words came to me. I thought about making one of my WORD OF THE DAY words to combine them all, but suddenly that word that I love popped in my mind and I was smacking myself in the back of the head because I KNEW IT WAS THERE ALL A LONG! It’s my favorite word, so HOW did I not come up with it right from the start? BECAUSE I WASN’T LISTENING TO MY HEART…


I have HOPE for many things in 2013 and that includes my RE-solutions. I won’t list all of my HOPES here, but I know what they are, and besides….. it’s MY WORD!

Now go pick yours, and make 2013 the best year you’ve ever had! I’m going to HOPE that for all of you. Happy New Year!

Love, Barbara

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I'm Barbara and I read. I'm Barbara and I write! :) I'm still learning and I believe each word I read, and each that I write show that I am learning my craft.

2 thoughts on “A New Year…

  1. jmac says:

    Barbara-it doesn’t matter what u are writing…the words always come out beautifully! Just like your post. I am blessed to have you in my life & I HOPE you know that!
    Love Jen

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