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I almost have the first draft of When I Look to the Sky – Book Two in the Rock and Roll Trilogy – ready! Someone SPECIAL gets first peek (because she won the right at a Chance Drawing for the Oakleaf Relay For Life!) I will still have work to do when she gives it back, but IT’S A STEP!

My other EXCITING news is that I pulled Rock and Roll Never Forgets – Book One in the trilogy – from the distributor I published the eBook through; lessons learned are part of life, RIGHT? It went LIVE on KINDLE SELECT yesterday and in 12 hours I’ve had more downloads than the first 2 weeks through the other distributor.

It’s been a busy time and I am ready for some quiet time, but alas…. THINGS TO DO, PEOPLE TO SEE, PLACES TO GO!  🙂

Thank you for following my journey!

Love, Barbara

PS – this is one of those places to go! Scroll till you find someone you know 🙂

January 23: Meet the Authors, 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. at Black Horse Winery, 420 Kingsley Avenue, a block west of Park Ave. (Hwy. 17) on the south side of the street. We cosponsor this event with winery owner and winemaker Kiyoko Fiedler, who offers this and other cultural events featuring local musicians, poets, artists and writers.

Chris Hejmanowski, M.D., Collider<br /><br />
Dr. Hejmanowski draws on his experiences deployed with the U.S. Marines in Al Taqqadum, Iraq. The idea took form during “quiet moments” while leading a Shock Trauma Platoon along the Syrian border. His passion for the mysteries of science and religion plays a major role in how this story unfolds. It traces the adventures of characters whose lives collide and intertwine as they face off with an evil beyond their comprehension. You will never view science and religion the same again after reading this book. Military trained in Emergency Medicine, Dr. Hejmanowski started out as a flight surgeon. He’s worked at the Naval Medical Station in Portsmouth, Virginia, and at NAS JAX. Following a decade in the military, he is an ER physician in the Jacksonville area. See the Charlie Patton profile on him, “Physician grapples with faith through science fiction novel.” (Florida Times Union, Jan. 15, 2013, Metro Section, p.1) His website includes a gold mine of links to sites for learning about the scientific behind his work.  **Be sure to share the science links with anyone (kids, teachers, parents) interested in learning about science in smart and engaging ways. Topics include “Fun Physics for Kids,” “Cool Universe Images,” and more.<br /><br />

Dr. Hejmanowski is writing his next science fiction thriller, Jesus Rock, set amid a devastating full-scale war in the Middle East. At 7 p.m. the 23rd, he speaks about writing Collider, his first full-length novel. </p><br />
<p>Barbara Stewart, Rock and Roll Never Forgets<br /><br />
Barbara’s second book of romantic fiction is based on the “soundtrack of her life.” We learn the story of Beth Morgan, whose determination to meet her favorite band leads to a chance encounter with her idol, musician Andy Stevens. The book follows Beth through the peaks, valleys, and plateaus of a relationship lived in the spotlight, caught between demands of the music business and her struggles to stay in the shadows. In the end, it's all about what the heart can't hold back. Barbara works in healthcare and lives in Middleburg with her husband, Gene, and their cat, Kooky. A volunteer for the American Cancer Society, she received the Hope Award for volunteerism in 2009.<br /><br />


Mary Jane Hayes, Emma’s House of Sound<br /><br />
A lifelong friendship with a deaf schoolmate inspired Mary Jane (“MJ”) to write this book. Geared toward early readers, the story shows how easily deaf children are misunderstood and explores the world of a profoundly deaf child. Emma was adapted as a stage play and performed at the Limelight Theater in St. Augustine and at the Cummer Arts and Gardens. The book is inspirational, promotes understanding, and motivates children without hearing impairments to understand the experiences a child with healing disability. MJ also wrote Emma’s Freaky Sneakers and other books.<br /><br />

  Robin Montesano, M.S., Clues to the Cause Questions for a Cure:<br /><br />
The Poisons Causing Multiple Sclerosis Worldwide<br /><br />
Millions struggle with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), an incurable, debilitating disease. Robin’s MS diagnosis came in 1992. By 1995, she was wheelchair-bound and continued to deteriorate physically. Today she dances, sails, plays piano, and can even hold a child. The book expands on research conducted as part of her Master’s degree in Human Nutrition. It includes insights from her interviews with people with MS around the country. The book shows readers with MS and their families how to investigate their own personal environments to discover clues to the source of the condition, helping them get proactive instead of reactive—to create a healthier living environments for themselves and their loved ones. Robin was named MS Mother of the Year (2003). She presented her work at the Harvard Medical School Biomedical Careers Fair (2004).<br /><br />             Book Cover.jpg


 Future “Meet the Authors” are scheduled for 2013: February 27 (2 spots left), March 27, and April 25, all at Black Horse Winery, 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Contact me directly if you’d like to participate as an author.

Clay County Writers is a writing group sponsored by the Florida Writers Assn. Monthly meetings (the third Wednesday) are devoted to presentations by writing experts and authors discussing areas of their expertise. Our programs focus on the art, craft, and business of writing.

To learn more about the Florida Writers Assn., go to: Be sure to visit our blog, and join us on Facebook at “Clay County Writers”

Looking forward to seeing you at our next meeting! Be sure to spread the word.

Warmest wishes,

Maureen Jung

Group Leader, Clay County Writers

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