Not too much…


Getting good feedback on When I Look to the Sky and not seeing a whole lot of red!!! That means I’m achieving my goal! Getting better with each word…

Life is good for this girl today!

Love, Barbara


ADDENDUM Sunday 2/17:

No red, but some tweaking to do…it’s all part of the process… because i want to continue the trend – GETTING BETTER WITH EACH WORD  🙂




That’s how I felt when I opened my eyes this morning… 🙂


After a week of being sick, I finally feel good – my voice is still messed up, but I FEEL GOOD!

I feel happy because things are falling in place. My books are moving, I’m getting good reviews and…

I finished my edits on When I Look to the Sky – Book Two of the Trilogy. It’s ready for first set of eyes, edits after that, and then proofing…. forward motion…


I’m happy, that’s all!

Love, Barbara

Good morning world…

Looks like this might be a hang out on the sofa weekend… which gives me the opportunity to work on When I Look to the Sky and some “chores” to do like updating some things on the website. It’s not that I’ve been lazy – just busy!

I’d like to thank everyone who came out to the Meet the Author night at the Black Horse Winery in Orange Park to support me. It was fun and an awesome learning experience and I’m glad I stepped out of my comfort zone to do it. I’m hoping to find some pictures from the event in my in-box soon!

Everyday I learn something new to help me move forward.

I’m receiving lovely comments and feedback on Rock and Roll as well as Boots.

I’m excited about this journey! 🙂

Take a look at the site later in the weekend and see what I’ve done!

Thank you for being a Traveler in my Journey!

Love, Barbara