One thought on “Tuesday morning – waaaaay too early…

  1. barbarastewart says:

    OK… so just a quick update re: the banana muffins. They were good – not as sweet as I thought – at 5AM when I already had the ‘I’M MAKING THESE DANG THINGS!’ thought I realized I didn’t have the amount o honey called for – but… I had agave… (Which I now have learned isn’t as sweet as honey… The big dif was that you roasted the bananas in the oven for 20 minutes first to ‘draw’ out the natural sugar…
    Yesterday was our annual check on our appliances and my husband said that the young man who came to do it saw them on the counter. Gene said he was ‘eying’ them and finally asked ‘are those muffins?’ Gene says yes banana muffins, my wife was up at 5AM baking them.
    ‘Oh I love banana muffins!’ so Gene gave him one and he said they were good!
    So….. next time y’all make banana muffins – roast the bananas! 🙂

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