5 thoughts on “and here I am…

  1. Susan Bevins says:

    What ever you decide or whatever you feel is right for Andy do it. I can’t wait until you release it. Have a good day. Love you

  2. Susan says:

    I will love what ever happens! I know we won’t be disappointed xxxxxxxxx

  3. barbarastewart says:

    I just REALLY REALLY LOVE that people have such strong connections to Andy and Beth!
    <3 <3

  4. Barbara Riggins says:

    Yes I was one of the reviewers that said I can’t read the the third book if Andy finds love. Thanks to your great writing you immersed us into their relationship. I’m not sure if my heart and mind will respond well because of all the love we have for Beth and Andy. Crap, cant believe I’m so vested in these characters….feels so personal. Ugggghhhh I know you will do it justice.

    • barbarastewart says:

      There are more than one of you – and slowly I am getting your same response.
      I KNOW WHAT ANDY AND BETHY’S RELATIONSHIP MEANS TO ME – and I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE that y’all “got it”, that you connected with them – some on ways so personal that it makes me cry…. <3 <3
      I hope you will follow to the end of Andy's journey with me…. 🙂
      XXXXX, Barbara

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