3 thoughts on “Rollin’….

  1. rmalfense says:

    Barbara, you are amazing. You Told us about a comment someone made on a review that the story felt more about “people” and not characters. So true, and now you are writing about tears. Oh this book is going to be so good. I will re-read the first two before you release the final part. I find myself thinking about Andy and Carlee out of the blue. I have lost track on many people I have recommended this to.

  2. Barbara Riggins says:

    Oh My…..I am so so scared to read this third book, because I know my heart is going to break over Andy. I am tearing up thinking about it he still feels real. Jeez Barbara what are you doing to us.

    If i decide to read the third book i can read it over the weekend. Thank you for the 8/24 release date.

    • barbarastewart says:

      NO NO NO! ha ha ha! The 8/24 is the end of the contest! ha ha ha ha!
      I’ve been crying for a couple of days!!!

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