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I’ve been thinking about October, it’s Andy’s Birthday month :) but it’s BREAST CANCER AWARENESS month – something important to me. I’ve been involved with the American Cancer Society for the last six years in some manner (The Cancer Foundation in my books). This year I decided against sending out the emails begging for donations – I came up with a plan!

From October 1st – 31st, 50% of the proceeds (my profit) of all eBook sales of ROCK AND ROLL NEVER FORGETS and WHEN I LOOK TO THE SKY (no other books included) will go to The American Cancer Society. This includes all sales worldwide on the two books/eBooks noted. Any paperbacks sold through the links below will get a 50% donation from my profit. These are direct from my publisher:  Rock and Roll Never Forgets When I Look to the Sky

Paperback purchases through will receive a 25% donation (from my profit – because Amazon gets their cut first).

If you don’t support The American Cancer Society thru this special (personal) event – please support by making a donation for someone you know or love by finding a Relay For Life event in your area, or by making a direct donation:

AND DON’T FORGET TO BE DILIGENT WITH YOUR SELF CHECKS – schedule that mammogram – the boobie-smash is worth the discomfort to know – and a quick body scan by a dermatologist to check moles, and such. This is important to me…

Love, Barbara


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  1. Jennifer says:

    You are a steadfast believer in ACS and its cause! Thank you my friend.

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