Too long gone…

Those 3 words mean many things today.

For those of you celebrating Mother’s Day as a mother, or with your mother I wish you many blessings. Make memories that you will never forget. These were Mom’s favorite flowers – she called them Daffy-Dills. I can remember every spring when we lived up north the yellow blooms popping up along the house.

Today isn’t just Mother’s Day without my mom. It’s my dad’s birthday, so I am feeling a little nostalgic. And then… my brother is traveling on business and had an opportunity to “go home” and shared some memories with me that allowed me to share some memories with Gene and some memory texts with my brother as he sent the pictures.



Sometimes she planted other things  that were kind of pretty, but had another purpose – rhubarb and asparagus were always planted along the side of this house. and she made pies and cooked that nasty asparagus! 🙂

photo 4

Behind this house were two fields that Amish families either had tobacco or corn growing in them. There was a ditch between the two fields that they called a ’tilly’ and in the winter when snow filled it, we made tunnels and forts in there and had WICKED SNOWBALL fights!

There was a hill and my brother sent this pic with a message that said that he remembered it being much bigger when we’d sled. 🙂 It was big enough that they would have to close it and we’d sled and sled. Many memories of that hill…

photo 2

We went to school with Amish children and lived among them.

photo 3IMG_4014

My brother wouldn’t remember this, because I was only 4 or 5 then, but we lived at the top of a hill and an Amish family adopted us 🙂 I remember riding, along with my dad’s mother, Honey, in the wagon while they picked tobacco. I remember they invited us to a wedding of one of the family, but I think it was probably more like what we would call the reception. I still have this doll that one of the family made for me. I used to have one of the bonnets that the women wore. 🙂


The one thing I remember most vividly about the house on the hill was sitting with my mom in front of the black and white TV and her crying as we watched the news about JFK’s assignation.

My dad loved trains and had the HO scale set up as whole towns. And we rode the Strasburg Rail Road many times. Sometimes we’d just go to watch the train pass by.


This is the house I’ve shared with you that had a cedar closet in my bedroom and I would sit in the closet and read… It had a swing on the porch when we lived there and I remember many times hearing my dad swing and the chains in the hook squeaking – it was just below my bedroom wind on the left in this picture.

photo 1


We left here and headed to Florida to be close to my mom’s family and that is really what I call “home”. I haven’t been back since 1993, so it was nice of Charlie to share his memories from Pennsylvania.

IMG_7775photo 5 Thanks for taking me back, Charlie…

I know I’ve babbled on… I hope you’ve enjoyed my memories. What I’ve learned through everything that I’ve been through with Gene the last 7 weeks, and through these memories is not to take ANYTHING for granted. We never know what tomorrow holds, and everything we know could change in the blink of an eye.

Share a family memory by replying to this post and maybe I’ll do a giveaway to my favorite one. I like to laugh (hint hint).

Thank you for allowing me to share this with you.

I’ll leave you with some Bon Jovi – who says you can’t go back?

If you’re reading this – I love you…


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2 thoughts on “Too long gone…

  1. Pattie says:

    I’ve been fidgety all week; that isn’t something new these past few months. I have recently become unemployed after working for over 40 years. I feel like I am loosing me.

    I just finished reading your Rock and Roll trilogy earlier this week (reading the three books in a 60-hour span) and it left me feeling so raw and emotional. So many highs and lows; so many smiles and so many tears.

    I’ve been feeling fidgety all week and this morning when I woke up crying, realizing it was Mother’s Day and that I wouldn’t be making my usual Sunday phone call to my mom. She has been “too long gone” but it hit me this morning as if it were yesterday. She has been gone for six years and there are still days I just can’t believe she is gone. I have so many wonderful memories of her, thankful for inheriting so many of her qualities, seeing her in me more and more and recognizing her in my daughter,

    She loved to read and sew, any and all crafts, and spent many, many hours making handmade cards for family and friends long before the computer came along. I introduced her to the computer and it was a great joy and great frustration to her. She finally grasped email and loved being able to keep in instant contact with the family. I purchased several software packages for her to make cards and once she got the hang of it, she loved it. The family all got birthday cards; the church family got cards for every occasion. Friends even donated rolls of stamps to ensure the cards kept coming.

    During her funeral service, the pastor asked for a show of hands, how many people had received a card from her and in an audience of over 400 people, over three-fourths held their hands up.

    I had a nice telephone conversation with my 26-year old daughter this morning; wishing she lived closer.

    I am new to your writings and look forward to reading more of your books. But I feel I have to read the trilogy again before I move on ….

    I look forward to the interaction on Andy’s Angels page

  2. That was so nice and very interesting. You do have such a lovely way with words.

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