Sleepy Saturday

Good morning…

I swear, I try to “sleep in” but my brain always has another idea.  I need an off switch. 🙂

I’m up early today because “Tate” was singing to “Maisie” in my ear and I had to come jot down what he was singing <3  I’m hoping to have the first rough draft to my Red Pen Mafia in the next couple of weeks. That doesn’t mean it’s done – just the ROUGH draft.

Someone asked me recently if I have a plan of how my stories will be laid out somewhere. You know, step by step what will happen… I can’t do it that way. The story evolves as I write, and I’ve gone back and said “THIS REALLY NEEDS TO GO HERE, NOT THERE” plenty of times. And I am learning that less is more. Some of you have told me that you could use less of the ‘what they’re doing and where they’re going’. So as I read back on what I’ve typed I ask myself ‘if it wasn’t there would it change the story’.  The BIGGEST thing for me is that you understand WHY I left it. EACH WORD I TYPE, EACH SENTENCE, EACH CHAPTER = I learn something new. That’s all I want. <3

I’ve had a busy week, and am glad for a bit of respite. Today, one of my beautiful nieces is coming and we are going to go for coffee and then… WAIT FOR IT…. we’re going fishing – walking our happy butts right into PetSmart and getting a betta fish! ha ha! I had one that was given as a gift and he didn’t make it, so I’ve had this empty fish bowl sitting on the counter since then. For my birthday, I received a gift card to get a new one. 🙂 Today we will come home with a fish! His name shall be Pio.

REMEMBER – Mark August 27th on your calendar!!!

Love, B

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2 thoughts on “Sleepy Saturday

  1. Sue Bevins says:

    Glad you got another fish and it is so pretty. Can’t wait for the next book. Have a good week-end. Love ya

  2. Susan Dean says:

    Cant wait for the 27th……..

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