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Good morning!

I hope you are enjoying a SUNNY SUNDAY!

Some of you are friends on FB and have already seen this, but I wanted to share again because it’s important to me. Eight years ago yesterday I lost my mother to a disease called Progressive SupraNuclear Palsy. It’s a neurological disease that few have ever even heard of.

Here’s a link if you’d care to know about it. We went through many “maybes” when trying to get a diagnosis for her odd behaviors before we came to the diagnosis of PSP.  http://www.psp.org/

I’ve seen all the icebucket challenges posted on FB and decided to do my challenge to promote awareness for PSP. Here’s my video:


Whether you do the challenge or not is a personal choice – I did it because I wanted people to know about PSP – we didn’t… My wish in posting this today is  that you support a cause you believe in – in your own way. I have many, but the exposure the icebucket challenge has received made me want to jump on the band wagon!


Now for the fun stuff!

Keep an eye open on Wednesday the 27th on my FB page…. BE ACTIVE ON THE PAGE BETWEEN 8-9:30PM (FLA. east coast time)!


See you there!



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