Getting back to what makes me tick…


If you are one of “Andy’s Angels” you saw a lot of this on my post this morning. But since some of you aren’t…

The picture above made me ponder – that’s what I do – I see something or hear something and it makes me think.   🙂

Bethy journaled everything – she had a treasure box of memories – she got that from me. I was cleaning the closet in our office yesterday because the contents were starting to crawl out and it frightened me (HA!) I’ve saved every note I wrote on all the books – I saved special notes that YOU sent me and I even saved the celebratory cork from when the first book published. I realized that some of the revisions of revisions of edits of revisions 🙂 didn’t need to be saved – so I took the first and the last to save. As I was moving things around the scrapbooks that I kept for several years were there and I opened a few and read about memories.

Now, it seems that a lot of MY MEMORIES are finding their way into the pages of my books. You may not know they are my memories, but my friends and family point them out often. I LOVE THAT.

I’ve started using the app Evernote to help me get organized, I also have lots (probably more than LOTS! 🙂 ) of things pinned to Pinterest to help with story “helpers” what I have pinned to my STORYBOARD helps me see what you read.

How many of you are keeping track of YOUR life story?

Do you journal? Scrapbook? How are you preserving the special things and moments in your life to share with “your future?”

I will look forward to hearing how you WRITE and EDIT your life story.

<3  B




still a work in progress

Hi All!
I’ve worked on the site some today – still have some things I want to change, but it looks better (to me)! What are your thoughts?

I’d like a link to my Pinterest page so that you can see my Storyboard page and see some of the ideas I use as I write.

It’s getting there!!!

Thanks for stopping by 🙂