Thanks and Giving

Excerpt from The Face in the Mirror – because it’s on my mind.

Thanksgiving morning was busy as we finished preparing the meal. After one last check before we put dinner on the table, I looked around the room at the people there waiting to share our Thanksgiving meal – Midge, Alecia, Dave and Ashley, as well as Cassie, and my sweet, wonderful husband – and I felt deliriously happy. We’d be sharing our meal of thanks and giving at Granny’s table.

I’ve thought about that a lot lately, and I think we sometimes get lost in the commercialism of the holidays. ‘Thanks and giving’ felt good to me and everyone gathered at the table warmed my heart. I thought about how blessed I felt, and how thankful I was for new friends and old; thankful that Midge’s presence kept my mom closer to my heart. And my heart filled every time I looked at Mitchell – the love of my life.

I miss my family – the ones I remember gathered around the table sharing everyone’s favorite thing – mine is, and always will be, mac & cheese. I hope I do my Mamaw proud.

Tomorrow my family who love here will be heading south for the holiday, so we are having  brunch instead, and I am continuing something we started last year – maybe a new tradition… Stuffing and sausage gravy – don’t judge!

Don’t gobble ’til you wobble – remember it’s about what we’re thankful for.

Happy Thanks and Giving, <3 B