A new day…


Thank you to whomever it was that created this (TAG YOURSELF PLEASE, because, apologetically, I can’t remember who created this!)

Yesterday I was walking down the hall at work and one of my coworkers said “Barbara! You made me cry last night!”

All I asked in reply… “Where are you in the book?” (I knew she was reading RRNF)


my reply… “You’re not done.”

ha ha ha!

This book… I still can’t believe THIS BOOK brought me to THIS TODAY. Thank you for finding it. Thank you for reading it. THANK YOU FOR SHARING IT…

August 27th is the Third Anniversary of it’s release and I am planning on something SPECIAL, but it will only be through THIS PAGE. I’ll share on my FB page, but it’ll only be through the blog, so….


If you’re reading this… I <3 you…




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4 thoughts on “A new day…

  1. Heike says:

    ❤️❤️ 3 years! I still miss Andy and Beth, can’t re-read often enough!

  2. Susan Bevins says:

    I will be waiting for sure.

  3. I am ready for Lulu <3

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