Her name was Marilee


Good morning,

I posted on Facebook yesterday that I was on a cleaning mission. I went through more than a dozen picture albums from the last forty years, laughing at hairstyles, and old memories.

Some of the pictures made me cry thinking of my mom, dad grandparents… And this lovely lady. Her name was Marilee. You need to know that she was fun. You need to know that she had a good heart, and you need to know that she is gone. This was in 1992/93 timeframe – I didn’t write the date on the back. Her story stayed with me and I was glad I found the picture so I could tell you about her.


She loved being outside. She loved the sun and sadly, SHE is the one who gave me the story of Bethy’s mole. Marilee had a mole on her bottom that was melanoma. It spread to her liver. She was my muse when Bethy got sick. (She isn’t the face of Bethy – Kiera Knightly got that honor 🙂


Anyway, I found this pic and I wanted you to know Marilee…


If you’re reading this, I <3 you, B


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2 thoughts on “Her name was Marilee

  1. What a wonderful tribute, Barbara! Thank you for sharing this with us!! <3

    • barbarastewart says:

      thank you – She was beautiful. Her face stayed with me while I was writing. I also have a picture of a little girl named Taylor on my desktop. She was my inspiration for one of he characters in Feel Like Makin’ Love…

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