Because I need you to know…

I’m at a cross roads….

I posted a while back that I was having growing pains and sometimes it really makes me question myself. But my internal conscience tells me – It’s ok. It’s time. Move forward.

So with that said… I want to remind you that THIS BOOK – Lulu’s Loves – won’t be what has been typical Barbara. I know some of you will appreciate my work, but some won’t. I have to accept that this one – while it has no “throbbing manhood,” (a joke from last evening…) it won’t be AS suggestive as in the past.

It WILL have more sex – although most of the scenes it will be LOVEMAKING. I believe there’s a difference. I won’t make that far of a leap from my comfort zone because I respect my husband, and my family. It won’t be trashy. It will be “graceful and stylish.” I kept it clean, but this is a woman going through her life doing what young women do/did in their twenties….. and some have already said they won’t like it. So I’m telling you upfront that this will be MORE. It will be sexier, but it has a beautiful story.

I just want you to know this. I don’t believe that anyone who knows/loves me will be embarrassed – maybe a BLUSH here and there – but read for the story.

I know that a HUGE part of me feeling the need to tell you this is because it’s so different FOR ME. Most of the BETA readers said leave it alone – so I did. This is me growing as a writer. This is me testing the waters. This is me sharing a story that my head and my heart told me to write. (PS – Gene supports me on this…)

I think you will love Lulu.

If you’re reading this – I <3 you, B