Where does the time go?

I’m not good at this at this time in my life. My brain is too full of random things that keep me on the super highway spaghetti bowl of exits and on ramps – stopping – going – wrong turns – and detours.

So, I manage what I can, when I can.

I had something to share this morning, so I made sure I had an open lane to get off at a quiet exit this morning.

If you follow me on Facebook or are one of the “Angels” you know that Andy’s (YEST, THAT ANDY) been talking to me – a lot lately. He woke me one night and said he had a story to tell. I’m listening. Many of you have reached out and asked me of there would ever be another book in the Rock and Roll series about Andy, Bethy, Carlee, etc., and their lives. All along I’ve said NO. In my mind the next story with Andy would bring his death and….


He may show up in a cameo spot here or there (like in Tate), but I can’t write his end. I LOVE HIM TOO MUCH!

What he’s been telling me lately hasn’t been THE END, it’s a whole lot of answers – some that he’s been searching for, and some that you wanted answers to. We are a work in progress right now, but I wanted to give you fair warning – get the tissues when it’s ready…


Gene and I sat on the back porch last night and he asked what I’ve been working on so I shared with him my journey with Andy so far on this trip. He got teary…

I love all of you who stop by to read my thoughts when I share them. I love that you hang in there with me waiting for what’s next – my detours have me on a slow track, right now, but we’ll get where we’re going…

Shoulda… Coulda… Woulda…


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3 thoughts on “Where does the time go?

  1. Love it! So excited! Love you and yr amazing talent!

  2. sdean says:


  3. Susan Bevins says:

    We will wait until you get all your thoughts and detours together. No we don’t want Andy to die. Love ya.

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